Portable ultrasonic flowmeter and fixed ultrasonic flowmeter three different points

Ultrasonic flowmeter is a kind of flow measuring instrument that has been raised in China and provides users with a lot of convenience in use. And its versatility, localization after the price can be greatly reduced, many have long wanted to use ultrasonic flow meters but also consider the import of ultrasonic flowmeter high prices, can only choose to replace other flow meters.

However, after a long period of research and improvement of foreign products. Domestic ultrasonic flowmeters have been born and the rapid development momentum has caused widespread market enthusiasm. In recent years, there has been a hot sales situation, Runzhong instrument RZ-1158C clamp-type ultrasonic flow meter type has appeared for several months in short supply situation, the user area has spread all over the country, the market response is particularly good. According to different occasions of ultrasonic flowmeter, it can be divided into fixed ultrasonic flowmeter and portable ultrasonic flowmeter.

RZ-1158C Ultrasonic Flowmeter

First, the power supply method of different fixed ultrasonic flowmeter requires long-term continuous operation, so to use 220V AC power supply, portable ultrasonic flowmeter can use the site of the AC power supply, but also equipped with built-in rechargeable battery, can work continuously 5 ~ 10h [hours] This greatly facilitates the need for temporary flow measurement in different situations.

Second, applicable occasions Different fixed ultrasonic flowmeters are used to install in a certain fixed position, the flow of fluid in a specific pipeline for a long-term uninterrupted measurement; portable ultrasonic flowmeter has great mobility, mainly used for Temporary measurement of fluid flow in different pipes.

Third, part of the function of different fixed ultrasonic flowmeter, usually have 4-20mA signal output and other functions, for remote display use, but its internal storage only one pipe parameters; portable ultrasonic flow meter is just to view the flow at the scene And the cumulative flow in a short time, so generally no output signal function, but in order to facilitate the measurement of different pipeline flow, it has a wealth of storage capabilities, you can store dozens of different parameters of the pipeline, for use at any time.

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