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Abstract On April 20-25, 2015, the 14th China International Machine Tool Show (CIMT2015) hosted by China Machine Tool Industry Association was held in Beijing China International Exhibition Center (New Hall). The exhibition attracted 28 countries and regions from all over the world...
On April 20-25, 2015, the 14th China International Machine Tool Show (CIMT2015) hosted by China Machine Tool Industry Association was held in Beijing China International Exhibition Center (New Hall). The exhibition attracted 1554 machine tool manufacturers from 28 countries and regions around the world, with a total exhibition area of ​​131,000 square meters. In the E3, E4, E7, E8, E11, and E12 pavilions on the east side of the pavilion, more than 300 global cutting tool manufacturers are gathered, including Sandvik Coromant, Kennametal, Iskar, Mitsubishi, Sumitomo, and Val. Specialized enterprises such as special, cobalt collar, high mountain, and Marpa, as well as more than 100 domestic tool companies such as Zhuzhou Diamond, Xiamen Golden Heron, Chengdu Tool Works, Shanggong, Chengliang, Haliang, Hayigong and Zhengzhou Diamond. The exhibition was further optimized in the overall planning, breaking the boundaries of the domestic and foreign exhibition areas in the field of tool exhibits, and forming a professional layout, which provided convenience for domestic and foreign exhibitors to compete on the same stage and the audience to purchase according to professional visits.

This article provides a brief overview of the key new products and technologies in the tool exhibition area of ​​this exhibition.

1. Tool material Zhuzhou Diamond introduced three new blade materials at the exhibition: the general-purpose third-generation coating material “Golden Diamond” YB9320 grade, the third generation coating material for processing steel parts “Silver Drill "YB6315 grade and new cermet YNT251 grade. The “Golden Diamond” YB9320 grade has a unique atomic rearrangement technology that achieves a perfect match of coating hardness, toughness and thermal stability. This grade has good versatility and not only has excellent milling performance, but also meets the requirements of turning finishing, threading and grooving. It can be widely used in automotive, aviation, mold, ship, IT, rail transit, engineering machinery, general purpose. Semi-finishing and finishing of various small parts such as machinery and small valves, pipe joints and decorative parts.

Seco Tools exhibited the newly launched New Duratomic, a new upgrade to King Kong's 2007 King Kong A, which has achieved self-transcendence. According to reports, the superior performance of the oriented crystallization of the alumina coating is due to the anisotropic nature of the alumina, which has a very small heat transfer coefficient in this direction, which is beneficial to the protection of the cutting edge of the tool. The high-speed TP2501, TP1501 and TP0501 blade materials from Seco's TP2500, TP1500 and TP0500 materials can increase the productivity of ordinary turning by at least 20%. Moreover, these new material grades can handle a wider range of speeds.

2. Turning products Figure 1 is a patented turning tool product exhibited by Xiamen Golden Heron at this exhibition. The left 2 and left 3 are respectively 55° nose angle and 35° knife with 3 cutting edges on each side of the blade. Sharp angled turning tool (Figure 2). In the past, the cutting tools of these two corners had only two corners on each side. The V-shaped angle of 35° was also because the insert was particularly narrow, and the deformation during sintering was not easy to control and the scrap rate was relatively high. The new products of Xiamen Golden Heron have increased the tip of the D-shaped tool tip and the V-shaped tool tip by 50%. This is beneficial to improve the user's economic efficiency and improve the quality control of Xiamen Golden Heron. .
Figure 1 Xiamen Golden Heron's patented turning tool
Figure 2 Schematic diagram of the 3-point 35° turning tool of Xiamen Golden Heron
Sandvik Coromant and Seco Tools showcased enhanced high pressure cooling turning products and grooving tools. Sandvik Coromant adds a high-pressure cooling nozzle to the flank, which provides excellent cooling and lubrication between the flank and the workpiece surface, in addition to providing cooling and lubrication between the swarf and the rake face, further reducing The wear of the tool. Seco's double-flying turning tools are also high-pressure cooling tools on the rake face and the flank face.

Mitsubishi's modular grooving tool GY adopts a unique clamping method. Through such improvement, the high-frequency chattering and vibrating of the GY grooving knife during machining are eliminated, and the surface is machined compared with the conventional modular tool. The roughness level is improved. On the other hand, the GY series and the integrated groove machining tool can achieve almost the same rigidity.

Wheel hub machining is an important application in the automotive industry. Since the machining of aluminum hubs usually requires high cutting speeds, the flow speed of aluminum chips on the rake face is very high, which is easy to cause sticking, affecting the processing quality of aluminum hubs. Processing efficiency. At this exhibition, Chengdu Bangpu exhibited a round-head grooving blade with sharp edge and bright knives (Fig. 3), which can partially replace imports.
Figure 3 Chengdu Bangpu aluminum wheel grooving blade
The company has exhibited its micro-scale turning tool “-Finish” for precision machining, which can process steel and stainless steel parts. Typical applications include watchmaking. Due to the high precision of this turning tool, it is often used for precision machining, and the machining allowance is small, and the sharpness of the tool is very important. The -Finish turning tool has a sharp edge and a very thin coating.

Doma Plamit has exhibited a number of large-size modular tools for heavy-duty machining, which is highly flexible and suitable for small-volume, multi-variety production.

3, hole processing products (1) drilling tools as soon as the Walter booth, the majority of the audience's eyes will be attracted by the DC170 model on the stand (Figure 4). However, the physical drill bit is different from the model (Figure 5).
Figure 4 The eye-catching DC170 model on the Walter booth
Figure 5 DC170 exhibits on the Walter stand
The novelty of the DC170 is that it has a tangential land that is completely different from the radial land of a conventional drill bit. Conventional radial land is continuous along the spiral groove, with only a few protrusions in the cross section, but the DC170 blade is continuous in cross section (not really accurate cross section). There are only a few bumps along the spiral groove. This change allows the radial direction of the DC170 drill to be fully supported and the stability is fully improved. At the same time, the gap between each of the two tangential land forms an effective coolant passage, and the coolant can be delivered to the entire secondary cutting edge. section. Walter said that using this drill to drill steel and cast iron parts has a good effect. However, the friction between the land of the drill bit and the wall of the hole may be relatively large, and there is a risk in processing a material having poor heat conduction such as stainless steel or titanium alloy, especially in the case of a new drill bit.

Zhuzhou Diamond has introduced a new solid carbide twist drill series GD drill bit (Fig. 6) to replace the original SU drill bit. The GD drill bit optimizes the drill tip structure and uses a double-edged belt structure. Reduced blade breakage or broken knife, improved processing stability, and ensured the overall cutting performance of the tool to adapt to changing customer conditions. Its good hole processing quality and precision can also show good cutting performance under poor working conditions. Its smooth coated surface significantly reduces cutting resistance and provides superior wear resistance. Its golden yellow coating gives it a noticeable wear recognition effect. As a general-purpose machining drill series, it can be applied to the processing of various industries and various materials. The test results of Zhuzhou Diamond show that the new GD drill bit has doubled the service life of the original solid carbide drill.
Figure 6 Zhuzhou Diamond Company's new series GD drill bit
(2) Fine boring knife Shanghai Songde exhibited fine knives and super-precision boring tools at this exhibition. The adjustment accuracy of each grid is 0.01mm in the diameter direction, that is, the radial direction is 0.005mm. This high precision precision tool holder used to be basically provided by foreign companies. This kind of fine tool holder exhibited by Sund's company offers great possibilities for users to make their own fine tools. Users can make special files according to the size of the holder provided by the holder manufacturer, including special boring tools with multiple steps. The standard knife holder has a low adjustment accuracy, although it is theoretically continuously adjustable, it is generally easier to grasp at a diameter of about 0.05. Sonde's tool holders have improved the accuracy of a large step, so that most of the fines can be solved, but the disadvantage of the small tool holder is that the adjustment range is limited.

Figure 7 is a super fine boring tool exhibited by Songde. It is called a super-precision boring tool because the high-precision boring tool we usually see has an adjustment amount of 0.001 mm per radius, that is, the adjustment amount per diameter is 0.002 mm, and Songde is super fine. The accuracy of the knife is doubled, the adjustment amount per square on the radius is 0.0005 mm, and the diameter is 0.001 mm. At the same time, Songde's boring tool also has a balance adjustment ring (Fig. 8). These two balance adjustment rings are used to solve the dynamic balance problem that is easy to occur in high speed machining, so that this boring tool can be cut at a higher level. Use at speed, which will play a positive role in improving processing efficiency and economic efficiency.
Figure 7 Superfine boring tool exhibited by Songde

Figure 8 Songde's super fine boring balance adjustment ring
Gommet exhibited the Precikom rough and integrated file. This boring tool designed for high-efficiency machining of cast iron combines roughing and finishing. The blade adjustment accuracy is up to μm, and the machining accuracy is stable. It can be processed from blank to IT8 with only one knife.

Zhuzhou Diamond cooperates with Swiss Tools to introduce the ER interface boring tool. It does not require a dedicated modular interface. It only needs to use the standard ER spring sleeve shank. This fine boring tool is mounted on a standard ER25 collet chuck body and can be easily machined with the ER25 holder. This provides the user with the possibility of saving the main handle of the modular shank. Of course, if you need a long boring tool, you can buy an extended ER spring collet handle from other tool manufacturers. The Zhuzhou Diamond's file is also equipped with a numerical control mode, namely a digital file.

High Micro's MicroKom BluFlex® Fine-Tuning (Figure 9) is another product with a separate display numerical system. It uses Bluetooth technology to display fine-tuning readings on a separate display in μ-levels, making it easier and more convenient to adjust and read data, whether on the tool setter or in the machine. According to Gaomet, the latest application can read directly from the phone. (Handwriting: Yang Xiao)
Figure 9 Microtek's MicroKom BluFlex® fine-tuning fine boring head
(To be continued)

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