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In modern homes, the use of a folding door tends to have unexpected decorative effects, and the size of the folding door can also vary depending on the space area. Any home style can be found with its folding doors. Learned from the door industry market, the use of folding doors in modern homes in addition to the size of the folding door saves space, there is its appearance, a new style, a variety of colors, beautiful and generous. In addition to these, folding doors have the characteristics of light weight, insulation, heat and cold insulation, moisture-proof, fire-retardant and fire-retardant, and noise reduction. The most important thing is that they can effectively save the space occupied by the door. The installation of bathroom folding doors is now used by many families. Folding doors, literally, mean that multiple doors overlap and can take up less space and improve bathroom space. If you are also facing the bathroom folding door installation, or want to understand the price of the bathroom folding door , you may wish to follow me to understand it!

Toilet folding door - Introduction

Most of the folding doors are made of lighter, new materials. They perform well in insulation, heat and cold, moisture, and fire retardant. Therefore, folding doors are particularly suitable for modern bathroom doors and kitchen doors. . Folding doors have a wide range of applications, and their beautiful, stylish styling is very popular.

Bathroom folding door - size

In the actual decoration application, the folding door size changes with the environment, except for small changes in height, the size of the door leaf, the width of the door leaf, etc. are not clear and need to be customized according to the actual situation. For example, in the case of a folding door size of a bathroom, for example, the conventional size of a room design in a residential space is generally 450-600, and the height is 1900-2400.

Toilet folding door - Practical

In modern home improvement, not everyone's house has enough space, some houses are not enough, and they will be greatly limited in the decoration design. However, human wisdom is endless. Although there are restrictions, new types of doors have emerged to simplify the issue. Folding doors are also categorized according to where they are used, making them more convenient in the practical process.


Bathroom folding door - Features

The size of the folding door is different, and the applicable space is also different. Folding doors adopt folding technology to deal with, clever folding and stretching, can be suitable for different space requirements, so that the open space to the maximum limit, so that indoor and outdoor unimpeded. This can also facilitate air circulation and sunlight sterilization.

Toilet folding door price inventory 1

If you like to install brighter folding doors in the bathroom, take a look at the glass folding doors on the market. The folding doors made of glass material appear transparent under the lights, which can greatly save the space of the bathroom, and are easy to clean. It is more convenient. The price of folding doors of glass materials is probably from RMB 289 to RMB 300, or even more. Expensive.

Toilet folding door price inventory 2

Aluminum-magnesium alloy folding doors also have a place in the market and are also popular with consumers. The folding door made of aluminum-magnesium alloy material has the characteristics of moisture-proof, sound-insulating effect and corrosion prevention. According to different markets of different parties, the production process is not the same, so the folding door price of aluminum-magnesium alloy needs about RMB 1,314 yuan. .

Toilet folding door price inventory 3

The production process of the paint folding door is simple, and it is very different from the production process of painting wood doors. It is processed using the paint spray process. If you accidentally scratch the door, or if the door is permanently cracked, you can repair it again, which is more practical. The slightly better folding door price is probably around RMB 1,500.


Bathroom folding door price inventory 4

I will introduce the folding doors of solid wood. The solid wood folding doors are made of solid wood materials. They have the characteristics of waterproof and moisture proof, they are more durable, and they are exquisitely crafted. For example, white solid wood shutter folding doors are installed in the bathroom. With style, however, the price of folding doors made of solid wood material ranges from RMB 300 to RMB 4600.

Toilet folding door price inventory 5

Different materials are used for the folding doors, so the price of folding doors is also the same in the market. For example, like the price of paint folding doors and the prices of paint-free folding doors, the prices of two folding doors of different materials are almost the same in the market. According to Xiao Bian's understanding of the major online shopping malls, through various aspects of analysis, The resulting price is probably around RMB 1350.

Note: This price is for reference only! Due to geographical differences, of course, the price will be different. For more details on the prices, please refer to the local distributors!

Toilet folding door - maintenance

Toilet folding doors mainly focus on privacy and water resistance and other factors, you can choose to design a stylish full frosted half glass door. Glass style folding doors are available in a wide variety of current markets. The process glass makes the 3 glass doors beautiful and beautiful, and the folding door size is also more convenient. The glass bathroom door is not afraid of the tide and is not afraid of water. It is very suitable.

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