The role and needs of arc suppression coils

The role and needs of arc suppression coils

The function of the arc suppression coil is to reduce the ground fault current and reduce the initial velocity of the fault phase recovery voltage.

Compensation for the neutral point of the grid to install the arc suppression coil:

1. Automatic elimination of instantaneous single-phase ground fault of the power grid

2. When a permanent (metal) single-phase ground fault occurs, there are two options: after detecting the fault line by the line selection device or the microcomputer ground protection, it acts on the trip; it can also make the grid run with faults within a certain period of time. After the dispatching department transfers the load, it delays the faulty line and makes the grid have high operational reliability.

In China, where the power grid is expanding, power supply is no longer a problem, but there are many dangers caused by electricity. Therefore, the market demand for arc suppression coils is getting larger and larger. The quality of our arc suppression coils is guaranteed and the performance is stable. The industry is also far ahead, and has been well received by major customers.
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