[Aluminum Technology] Contrast of aluminum magnesium manganese alloy roof plate and color steel plate

1. Durability Comparison: Aluminum-Mg-Mn alloys can form aluminum oxide films with the atmosphere to prevent further corrosion. The coatings used in civil buildings generally have a 15- to 20-year coating warranty. The architectural design has a service life of more than 50 years. Generally guarantee 25 years of product warranty period; color steel plate in the wet air and rain, snow erosion is easy to corrosion caused by rust caused by accidents, especially rivets, joints.

Second, the weight comparison: aluminum magnesium manganese alloy light (density of 2730kg/m3); color plate weight is relatively heavy (density of 7850kg/m3)

Third, the strength and the degree of steel contrast: aluminum magnesium manganese alloy aluminum magnesium, manganese content, it has a certain degree of strength and stiffness. However, the internal stress and hardening and strength of the aluminum alloy plate have no obvious yield point and are not as good as that of color steel. The strength and rigidity of the color plate are better. Not easily deformed.

Fourth, the appearance of control: aluminum magnesium manganese alloy can be divided into non-paint (Hammer, embossing, pre-passivation alumina surface treatment, etc.) and paint (PVDF, SMP, PE, etc.); color steel plate can be divided into Non-painted (hot-dip aluminum-zinc alloy steel strip: light board) and paint (PVDF, SMP, PE, HDP, etc.).

Fifth, lightning performance: aluminum magnesium manganese alloy thickness is generally 0.7mm and 0.9mm, can be directly used as a lightning receptor (national regulations << architectural lightning design code>> GB50057), to avoid perforation in the roof; color steel plate in general The use of 0.5mm thick galvanized zinc and galvanized steel plate, can not be directly used as a lightning arrester, need to set up another lightning arrester (such as lightning rod).

Six, safety fire: aluminum magnesium manganese alloy low melting point (660 degrees Celsius). The high temperature resistance is poor, and the strength is rapidly lost above 150 degrees. In the event of a fire, the roof is easily burned and burned, allowing the fire to spread outward without spreading inwards. This helps the firefighters to extend the fire hose fire from the top; the color plate steel has a high melting point (1515 degrees Celsius).

7. Forming: Al-Mg-Mn alloy has good weldability, high plasticity, under low temperature environment, the strength and ductility of aluminum alloy have been improved, and it has good low-temperature performance; color steel plate steel is prone to cold brittleness at low temperature. .

Eight, cost-effective: aluminum magnesium manganese alloy cost-effective: light, waterproof, easy to bend arc, stereoscopic effect is good; color steel plate is relatively low cost: quality weight, waterproof slightly poor, strong steel curved arc less, artistic effect Poor.

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