How to buy a good vacuum packaging machine?

The accelerated pace of life has led to a significant increase in the demand for convenience foods, which has effectively boosted the rapid development of China's food packaging industry. Vacuum packaging machine is one of the packaging machines with relatively fast development speed and has broad development prospects. Business friends are on the road to the food industry, they must buy a good vacuum packaging machine to make food more quality and quantity to the hands of consumers, then how to a good vacuum packaging machine What about buying?

According to the main structure and configuration components of the vacuum packaging machine, a good vacuum packaging machine must have the following basic conditions:

1. Electrical components must be products of regulated low-voltage electrical appliance manufacturing enterprises.

The products of low-voltage electrical appliance manufacturing enterprises are guaranteed to ensure safety, reliability and durability, because the electrical control part is the brain of the packaging machine. The composition of the whole machine control circuit must ensure the convenience of maintenance and the versatility and standardization of spare parts. It is strictly forbidden to use the old series and old type of electrical switches and other components that have been explicitly eliminated by the Ministry of Electrical and Mechanical Services. The cost, but it adds trouble to the user.

2, the body steel material should reach a certain thickness

The steel structure of the whole machine must meet the frequent use requirements from material to thickness. In particular, the structure and materials of the vacuum chamber body must meet the food grade hygiene requirements and standard thickness and strength requirements. Usually a high-quality packaging machine, manufacturer or distributor can promise long-term "three guarantees" service for the vacuum chamber body, rather than a half-year or one-year service commitment. At the same time, pay attention to the actual after-sales commitment.

3, the model design should be reasonable

The design of the whole machine should be reasonable and beautiful, and meet the professional standardization requirements of mechanical and electrical products or vacuum packaging machines. It has basic safety. All kinds of warning signs must be complete and marked at key positions. The nameplate must indicate the number of the equipment. Factory date, technical parameters, and execution standards.

4, the real material is real, strictly in accordance with the standard implementation

The standard currently implemented by vacuum packaging machine manufacturers is GB9177-88 standard. The distinction between machine models is mainly determined according to the design sealing length of the machine (ie the length of the heating row), for example, the 400mm long heating row (packaging machine) is called It is type 400 (usually called), and so on. The 500mm heating length packaging machine is the 500 type and so on. At present, the models that appear on the market usually include: 400, 500, 550, 600, 700, 680, 800, etc. Of course, there are many non-standard models that are subject to special user requirements, while in vacuum There should be other more important technical parameters in the packaging machine structure. These parameters are different from vacuum packaging machines of different manufacturers and brands (such as: double row spacing 350mm, sealing length 400mm called 400 type machine, and double row The spacing is 450mm, and the sealing length is 400mm, also known as the 400 type machine). Both single-chamber and dual-chamber models are modeled on the length of the seal.

5, the comparison of components

In addition to the above-mentioned aspects, the products produced by different manufacturers of the same type of vacuum packaging machine are not the same. The key lies in the level of the main components and the quality of the components. In general, the key factor in determining the manufacturing cost of a packaging machine is the quality of the internal components. The selection of high-grade, high-quality vacuum pumps and electrical components is the key to ensuring good machine performance and longevity. At the same time, choose a large pumping capacity (high Pumping rate) Vacuum pump is also an important factor to improve the machine grade, but the equipment cost is high.

6. Bring the staff who know this knowledge

When purchasing equipment, technicians with certain electromechanical knowledge can observe the models you want and understand the equipment in many aspects. Beware of the simple selection of machines from the outside.

7, look for the brand

Using a high-quality vacuum pump, the vacuum pump must be able to guarantee a good brand, the products produced by the old industry.

From this point of view, when choosing a vacuum packaging machine, users should not simply select the model according to the model. Generally speaking, because the foods (packages) produced by each user are not the same, the package size is not the same, vacuum packaging Different technical grade requirements, different work efficiency requirements (production size, etc.).

It should be based on the characteristics of the user's own products (including: liquid, solid, powder, gelatinous, semi-liquid; salted products, meat cooked food, seafood, etc.), the size of the bag (including: bag width, bag The length of the portrait, the height (thickness) after the item is loaded, to determine which model is suitable for the user. The main basis for the user to determine the model is the sealing length of the packaging machine, the double row spacing, the maximum available height of the vacuum chamber, the production efficiency of the whole machine, and the like.

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