Jiali Yadi 100% natural solid wood materials are precious

Nowadays, when people buy furniture, the first factor to consider is health and environmental protection. The two styles of Jiali Yadi are made of natural solid wood materials without any re-processing (without any MDF, multi-layer board and sheet veneer). to make. The door panel including the table top, the wardrobe, the side panels, and the drawer bottom plate are all made of solid wood. The wood grain on the surface of the furniture is simple, calm, and soft in color, fully showing the texture of the material itself and the rich natural beauty, and the health of the health. This kind of furniture is a healthy and fashionable choice, in line with the psychological needs of modern urban people who admire nature. Jiali Yadi series products are practical, art, collection and inheritance. It is a rare treasure, and it is a luxury furniture that is favored by distinguished and successful people!

Each of Jiali Yadi's works is performed by skilled craftsmen, with their emotional understanding and love for the products, and they are carefully crafted by hand. Every product is unique because it is infused with emotion and art, it is unique, with a precious personal imprint! Just like the widely recognized "Rolls Royce" and "Rolex" Precious, becoming the eternal theme pursued and possessed by the upper class.

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1. Product introduction

   Coal-based Column Carrier Activated Carbon selects high-quality coal as raw material. The product has developed porosity, large surface area, especially in the large micro-pore volume, high strength, antifriction, impact resistance and easy regeneration characteristics. The high adsorption speed, high capacity; for organic solute, free chlorine and harmful gases in the air has strong adsorption capacity. It is good for the city drinking water advanced purification, removing residual chlorine, bleaching and deodorization, the preferred material in high pure water preparation. It has an irreplaceable role in the production of artificial mineral water. In the field of boiler water, sewage purification has played a significant role. Using Activated Carbon loading masks; air filter can remove airborne bacteria, toxic and harmful gases. The products are divided into columnar, powdery, crushing, briquetting, spherical and other specifications.

2. Application

a. Coal-based column carrier activated carbon used in water treatment industry: tap water, industrial water, sewage treatment, purified water, beverages, food, medical water etc..

b. Coal-based column carrier activated carbon used in air purification: cleaning, deodorizing, adsorption, removal of formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, xylene, oil and gas and other harmful gases.

c. Coal-based column carrier activated carbon used in industry: decolorization, purification, air purification.

d. Coal-based column carrier activated carbon used in fish: filter

e. Coal-based column carrier activated carbon used in reagent: catalyst and catalyst support, coal column carrier activated carbon, mainly used in synthetic industry catalyst or catalyst carrier Granular Activated Carbon.

3. Process  

   Coal-based column carrier activated carbon use the high-quality coal as raw material, through carbonization, activation, cooling, washing and a series of processes developed. Its appearance is generally black cylindrical activated carbon, amorphous granular activated carbon, also known as broken carbon. Cylindrical activated carbon generally by powder raw material and binder, by kneading, extrusion molding by carbonization and activation processes it also can be extruded with powdered carbon and binder.

4. Transportation and Packing

    Woven bag, lined with plastic film bags, each 25kg can also be packaged according to customer demand. The product should be placed in a cool and dry place during storage; When transportation, it prevents to mixed with hard materials, to prevent carbon particles broken that affecting the quality of packaging, to prevent breakage. To avoid leakage or mixed with debris; to avoid water, oil and fire.









Column Carrier Activated Carbon

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