Energy-saving lamps save energy and worry

Energy-saving lamps save energy and worry

If you want to select a power-saving and worry-free energy-saving lamp, you must pay special attention to the following seven points:

1. Tungsten bulb power. Most manufacturers will list on the packaging the power of the product itself and the contrast of the tungsten lamp bulb power. For example, "15W → 75W" sign, generally refers to the actual power of the lamp is 15W, which emits a similar luminosity to a 75W tungsten light bulb.

2. Energy efficiency label. At present, the country has introduced energy efficiency standards for energy-saving lamps. All products meeting the standards have energy efficiency labels. Only energy-saving lamp products with an average life expectancy of more than 8,000 hours can be obtained.

3. The warm light design and color rendering technology of the energy-saving lamps are all excellent. The light colors make people feel comfortable. Consumers can choose the light color that matches their home style according to personal preference.

4. Electronic ballasts should also consider the technical parameters. Ballasts are the core components in lighting products. Energy efficiency national standards focus on the ballast energy efficiency limit value and energy conservation evaluation value.

5. Select the appearance of the lamp, should pay attention to the plastic shell, the best choice for high temperature, flame retardant plastic shell.

6. Test the lamp on site to ensure that the energy-saving lamp is operating properly.

7. After the lamp is turned on, pay attention to whether the phosphor coating thickness is uniform or not, which is very important for the photo effect of the light.

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