Sound-absorbing curtain perfect effect design

Sound-absorbing curtain perfect effect design

Sound-absorbing curtains can help wrap the sound through the door and improve acoustics in the home or home studio. Swiss research institutes have developed translucent fabric sound-absorbing curtains. For a cheap alternative, thick fabric helps absorb sound. Sound-absorbing curtains reduce echo in large rooms, suppressing external sounds. They may even help you sleep better, using the right materials to create a seamless sound-absorbing curtain that compares with a special curtain at a lower cost. How to achieve sound absorption design:

1, The measurement should cover the height and width of the acoustic window, door or wall area. The larger the area covered, the more effective it is. For example, to reduce the traffic noise covered window or the entire wall, from the ceiling to the floor. This tactic also dampens the sound in the room.

2, double width measurement. For example, cover a 12-foot wall and create a 24-foot sound-absorbing curtain. Plump so that the folds absorb sound like a special sound-absorbing wallboard curtain.

3, Hem and the bottom of the sound absorbing curtain, if needed. In addition, fold down the 2-inch material and unfold the curling tape to plug it into the lower edge of the hem. Use the lowest steam setting to ensure adhesion of the curling tape.

4, squeeze clip ring, open it, the ring attached to the top of the curtain. Place curtain rings 3 to 6 inches away. The curtain is heavier. The closer it is to the ring, the more stable it should be.

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