More than 30 home improvement building materials famous exhibition home fair

In another 17 days, the 2014 Hunan Autumn Brand Home Expo (hereinafter referred to as the “Autumn Home Expo”) will be held at the Red Star International Convention and Exhibition Center. At present, the lottery of the home improvement booth of the Autumn Home Expo has ended, and the brand building materials dealers are also rushing to the booth. At the same time, after the organizing committee and the exhibitors negotiated, the relevant offers at the autumn home fair were upgraded again.

Profile picture: 2014 China (Changsha) Building Materials Home Industry Development Forum

The prize is worth up to 3,000 yuan

At present, free decoration, lemon tree decoration, living room decoration, gold space decoration, Huizhi decoration, Xijuan decoration, Qiansi decoration, Hongyang decoration, Baidu decoration, music decoration, Yazhu decoration, 288 decoration, apple Nearly 20 Hunan first-line brand home improvement companies, including decoration and Medi decoration, participated in the exhibition. Paint, heating, wallpaper, wardrobes, wooden doors, ceramics, household appliances and other building materials, electrical first-line brands have signed up for the exhibition, grab the booth.

It is understood that at this home fair, the organizing committee will jointly launch the “signing and courtesy” sweepstakes together with the exhibitors. Any owner who signs a home fair can participate in the sweepstakes, and the winning rate will be as high as 100%. The value of the lottery gift can be up to 3,000 yuan.

Real estate to sign up, owners can get extra discounts

“The real estate can be registered, and the owner will be given a discount.” According to the relevant staff of the Autumn Home Expo Organizing Committee, the Autumn Home Expo is collecting real estate registration, and the owners of the registered real estate will be able to receive the “home improvement package” from the organizing committee. ", get extra discounts on top of all offers."

If you want to let the owner get the decoration of this decoration, you can call the telegram name. Owners who want to get this extra offer can also call the property to promote their homes to participate in the event. After receiving the registration of more than 10 owners of the same community, the community is likely to be selected and become the cooperative real estate of the Autumn Home Expo.

The article was reported by the Suzhou Home Network, sourced from the Internet.

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