Inner Mongolia Hesgwula Ranch guides herders to use grass pastures

Source: China Agriculture News Net - Farmers Daily

With the arrival of the grass-grazing season, the Hesgwula Ranch in the Ula Gai Management District of Inner Mongolia, in order to further strengthen the protection and utilization of natural grass pastures, guide the herders to protect the natural nature by adopting scientific and rational use of grass pastures such as “grass belts”. grassland. Through the mobile phone SMS platform and field visits, the site publicized the use of natural grassland in the management area to the herdsmen in the area, focusing on the time and specific methods of different types of grassland, effectively mobilizing the enthusiasm of the herdsmen to scientifically fight grass. Standardized the herdsmen to work on grass.

The publicity visited 297 herdsmen , distributed 300 leaflets , signed 285 natural grassland management and responsibility books , and 217 grass and livestock balance responsibility books (including 4 signed with grass-roots enterprises ).


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