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Protect car universal joint cross shaft needle bearing tips

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2013-10-11

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The universal joint cross-shaft needle bearing of the drive shaft should be smooth with the gear oil. But it is usually found in the repair of the car; the universal joint cross-shaft needle bearing of the drive shaft is smoothed with calcium-based smooth grease (commonly known as butter); This sleek method is faulty; it has caused early damage to a large number of cross-shaft needle bearings. It can be clearly seen in the disassembly that the cross-shaft journals are squeezed and pressed; the journals and needles are severe Lack of oil.
Why is this representation present? Because the smooth nozzle of the universal joint cross-shaft needle roller bearing is a general grease nozzle; therefore it creates an illusion for everyone; it has been smoothed with butter for a long time. In fact, it is very good to use a grease gun from the nozzle. It is difficult to fill the butter onto the needle bearing. It is well known that the viscosity of the butter is large; when a grease gun is used to fill the cavity of the universal joint cross-shaft needle bearing with a grease gun; when the butter enters the narrow inner oil passage The resistance is increased; the pressure of the butter rises and overflows with the pressure reducing valve opposite the nozzle. This appearance is also mistaken by the driver and the repairman for being filled with butter. In practice, the butter does not enter the needle between the needles. It is also very difficult to reach the end of the cross shaft journal. When removing the repair; that is, using the forced method to change the butter on the needle and the journal surface can also have some smooth effect; but the smoothness of the cross shaft needle bearing In terms of effect; calcium-based smooth fat is far less good than gear oil; the reason is:
a. The universal joints are subject to great torque and alternating load during work; the oil film of calcium-based smooth grease is tough; the conflict between the bearing and the journal is difficult to form an outstanding oil film.
b. The needle roller bearing of the universal joint cross shaft can only be changed in situ during work; it cannot rotate along the steel bowl and the cross journal; while the calcium-based smooth grease has poor tumbling property; therefore, when the oil film is damaged, it cannot immediately constitute a new one. Oil film.
c. Calcium-based smooth fat is a mixture of oil and calcium soap; it is used in the application because of the smoothing and transpiration of smooth oil; the grease becomes a harder calcium soap; the calcium soap itself can not only achieve a smooth effect; It also prevents the rolling pin from rolling on the journal; plus there is no oil draining method in the universal joint cross shaft; the smoothed grease can not be discharged; the new oil is difficult to write; therefore, the universal direction is greatly accelerated Wear of the cross-shaft needle bearing.
In order to be able to modify the faulty method of replacing the gear oil with butter to smooth the universal joint cross-shaft needle bearing; the following protection methods are recommended; to improve the service life of the universal joint cross-shaft needle bearing.
a. After removing the universal joint cross-shaft needle bearing, completely remove it; remove all the remaining smooth grease (can be boiled or put into gasoline), soak it in gear oil for 2min~l0min; The application should pay attention to: the new oil should be replaced in time after the car wading. The new oil should be replaced after 2000km~3500km. This method can be tested; the life of the universal joint cross-shaft needle bearing can be extended by 2 times~3 Times.
b. It can be equipped with special hydraulic filling equipment; the timing of the universal joint cross shaft needle bearing of the transmission shaft is smooth.
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