Three principles of spraying pesticides during the rainy season

See the weather and apply the medicine
In general, the effect of applying after rain is better than raining after application or raining while applying medicine.

Choose the right pharmacy
In the rainy season, it is better to use systemic, quick-acting, rain-tolerant and microbial pesticides.

Systemic pesticides such as carbendazim, triadimefon, leaf cumin, triadimefon, thiophanate, acesulfame, monocrotophos, carbofuran, methamidophos, dimethoate, omethoate, phosphonamine, etc. At 4 to 5 hours after application, 80% of the active ingredient is absorbed into the tissues by the crop, and less of the drug is lost due to rain washing.

Fast-acting pesticides such as dichlorvos, fast-killing chlorpyrifos, monocrotophos, chlorpyrifos, enemy killing, chlorpyrifos, chlorpyrifos, anti-carbocarb, pyrethroids and other pesticides in insecticides are very strong. Contact and poisoning, the pests can be killed 1 to 2 hours or 4 to 5 hours after application. Less affected by the rainy season.

The hygienic pesticides and fungicides have good rain resistance, such as Jinggangmycin, trimethoprim, tricycline, and kelicin. Even after showering for 1 to 5 hours, they will not be washed and affected. effect.

Microbial active pesticides Microbial pesticides such as Penicillium sp. and Beauveria bassiana are more favorable for the germination and reproduction of sporophytes under high humidity conditions. The application of such pesticides on rainy days can fully exert their pest control effects.

Adding an adhesive to the liquid
Appropriate amount of adhesive such as detergent in the liquid can enhance the adhesion of pesticides on crops and pests, thereby improving the control effect.

Method: Add 50~75 grams of detergent powder to each 50 kg of liquid medicine, stir evenly and spray it in time. Note that it is best to use it now, not for a long time.
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