How does furniture and decoration not contradict each other?

Some owners were happy when they entered the new house, but found that the decoration and decoration left a lot of "sequels". The furniture and the decoration style are not matched, the lamps are matched with a single, the decorations are piled up seriously... A series of problems plague the owners who have just stayed. In this regard, the author interviewed relevant designers and experts, starting from the main problems of home improvement, telling you how to avoid these problems.

Case 1: Furniture and decoration "fighting"

Miss Wang chose a beautiful piece of furniture for her new home. After the furniture was delivered to the house, Miss Wang’s family was stupid, and the furniture was not only not matched with the decoration style, but the size was not suitable.

Miss Wang said that the bedroom is warmer, and the wardrobe is too cold; for the study, because the line and switch position are all done, and a new writing desk is put in, it can not make the table The desk lamp is directly connected to the power supply.

Diagnosis: Designer Xing Honglei said that Miss Wang’s illness is “to buy furniture after renovation”. “At the time of renovation, there was no consideration for placing furniture. This is very taboo in the decoration industry.”

Prescription: According to the furniture decoration style

Xing Honglei revealed to the author that at present, there is a commonly used "furniture claim" in the decoration industry. The core content is to determine the style of home decoration and layout through furniture. “The style of decoration is usually in place, and the style of furniture is used to decorate the style of furniture. It is usually tired when choosing furniture, and it often produces some regrets.”

Case 2: The lamp flashes the eye "flower"

Mr. Ma has always felt that his eyes are prone to fatigue, especially when he is reading at home at night. Later, someone told Mr. Ma that the lights in the house were too "flowers." In this regard, Mr. Ma can't understand, can the light just be on? Is there any relationship between flowers and eye fatigue?

Diagnosis: Mr. He from a lighting company told reporters that because the color of the colored lamps is different, the wavelength is not the same, and for some inferior blue-violet lighting, the damage to the eyes is greater, not only easy to let the eyes fatigue, the situation is serious It can also cause eye inflammation.

Prescription: Choose eye protection lamp with stable brightness

Mr. He said that the selection of lamps in the study should be based on the principle of brightness and softness. The light emitted by the ordinary light bulb is redder than the natural light, which will reduce the resolution of the eye. Although the light emitted by the fluorescent lamp is white, it is easy to be The stroboscopic phenomenon that occurs, the brightness will constantly change. Therefore, it is necessary to use a stable eye protection lamp in the study.

Case 3: The wall is covered with decorations

In order to make the home more beautiful, many owners have not let go of any corner, dress up every place in the house, and even the wall is not let go.

The reader Zhao said that the decoration of the home is already very full, and you can look at the wall full of pendants. "The old feeling is not a taste!" Mr. Zhao did not understand, what point was he wrong?

Diagnosis: Designer Jiang Chuan told reporters that the wall is the home of home decoration, but the owners often do not know enough about it, and it is easy to go to two extremes: one is the decoration of the decorations, the other is to "white" the entire wall. At the extreme of Mr. Zhao’s departure, he committed the “illness” of building too many decorations on the wall.

Prescription: choose wall decoration according to the ground style

Jiang Chuan said that in the decoration of the wall, it is forbidden to hang too many decorations. In the decoration of the living room, you can neither do anything nor build it in large quantities. Wall decoration "all inclusive" is not practical. Designer Yin Yong believes that the wall decoration should be coordinated with the ground decoration. Yin Yong said that the decoration of the wall should be determined according to the style of the floor decoration.

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