Eggplant fertilization pay attention to four points

Fertilization in seedling stage In order to cultivate seedlings with thick stems, short internodes, and developed roots, the bed soil must be fertile. Apply 200 kg of decomposed organic fertilizer to the soil of 11.3 square meters, 0.5 kg of superphosphate and potassium sulfate, and mix the bed soil with the fertilizer. It is also possible to apply 100-150 kg of manure mixed fertilizer and 1 kg of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium compound fertilizer.

The base fertilizer eggplant is fertile and resistant to fertilizer, and must be re-applied. Apply 5000-7000 kg of organic fertilizer per acre before the land is turned over, apply 15 kg of superphosphate, 10 kg of potassium sulfate, and then plow tillage and soil preparation; or apply 3000-5000 kg of organic per acre before turning to the ground. Fertilize, then do sputum or do sputum, apply 1500 kg of organic fertilizer and 25-50 kg of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium compound fertilizer when transplanting.

After fattening the eggplant for a lifetime, the result is very long and requires multiple topdressing. The absorption of nutrients in eggplants increased rapidly after the flowering period, so the key period of topdressing was the harvest of “doors and eyes” to “four-door buckets”. During this period of time, it can be topdressed every 10 days. Each time, the fertilizer is applied with 15-20 kg of ammonium sulfate or 7.5-10 kg of urea. Of course, it is best to chase 500-600 kg of decomposed manure. The fertilization method can be applied by ditching, acupoint application or flushing with water.

Matters needing attention in the late growth stage of eggplant, it is best not to chase phosphate fertilizer, so as not to promote the development of seeds in the fruit, seed coat hardening and reduce the commercial value of eggplant fruit. In the process of fertilization, we must grasp the principle of fertilization based on organic fertilizer and supplemented by chemical fertilizer. The amount of chemical fertilizer should not be too large, especially nitrogen fertilizer, so as to avoid the accumulation of nutrients in the flower buds, resulting in the formation of carpels during cell division. Even leading to the accumulation of nitrate in eggplant tissue.

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