Choose what kind of curtains are easier to clean and clean

To protect privacy, block glare, enhance warmth, or simply decorate, first define the purpose of each curtain. With this foundation, there will be no big mistakes when choosing curtains.

What is the main purpose of choosing curtains?

In a house, the privacy of the bedroom and bathroom is the most important. Therefore, the color and thickness of the bedroom should be considered when selecting the curtains. Especially after the lights are turned on at night, whether the people in the room can see the activities outside. In the living room, study, kitchen and other areas, you don't have to hide anything, you can choose a thin curtain. Some houses are L-shaped, or the floor space is relatively small. If you don't want to be exposed to the neighbor's sight every move, then you should hang curtains all the year round. Such curtains must have good light transmission and be able to Block the outside line of sight. Living on the first floor or in a villa home has the same problem, at least two curtains.

Buy curtains, first understand the purpose, then look at the material, clean it in the future.

If the home has windows facing east or west, then shading is the most important use of curtains. The shaded curtains not only block the glare, but also maintain the brightness of the room, which is also considered for environmental protection and energy conservation. In the house adjacent to the main road of the city, the lights of the street lights and billboards are also very strong at night. In order to have a stable sleep, thick curtains are needed to block, but do not cause the effect of reaching out and not seeing the fingers, so as not to be inconvenient in the middle of the night.

For hardcover houses, the curtain fabric is the main character of the decoration, purely decorated curtains, without too much consideration of the fabric type, as long as it is well matched with the home decoration. Some windows are purely light-transparent, the window shape is not good, and can be corrected by curtains.

Seasonal replacement, curtains should also have winter and summer clothing points, cold winter, heavy curtains can greatly increase the warmth index in terms of visual and sensation. In the audio-visual room, the heavy curtains should simultaneously undertake the task of shading and sound-absorbing, blocking the noise outside and making the room sound better.

Choosing a fabric is good for cleaning.

The removal of the floral pattern, the thickness of the curtain fabric, the fiber composition, and whether or not the special treatment has been carried out have a great influence on the future use.

When choosing a fabric, the orientation of the window tends to have a large impact. South-facing windows, good light, tulle, thin cotton or silk fabrics are suitable. The room facing north is often cold and dark, and you should choose a warm color and some heavy curtains to increase the temperature. Heating is usually installed under the window, and the heat-resistant fabric should be selected, and the heat of the heating will not be blocked from entering the room. The room facing east or west will be stimulated by intense sunlight for several hours every day. Use specially treated fabrics or neutral fabrics, otherwise it will fade or discolor, preferably with some insulation. performance.

Natural fiber, cotton and linen fabrics have a good drape and are comfortable to touch. They are very good fabrics. Only natural fibers are not suitable for high temperature and strong light stimulation, so they cannot be used in the sun-bathroom. Fabrics made of rayon or synthetic fibers, which have been specially treated, are superior to natural fiber fabrics in terms of shrinkage resistance, wrinkle resistance and color resistance, and are more practical.  



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