Secret music short video mode system development

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1. Short video introduction

1. Earnings from watching videos: Watching 5 minutes of video every day, novices see 0.5 rewards today, even if they complete the task of the day, they will be automatically converted to secret beans the next day


2. Share friends to play: Click on your exclusive sharing link to share the secret music with your friends and verify their real names. The more friends you share, the more active you will be and the more secret beans you will generate. People who reach the star can earn tens of thousands per month


3. Exchange of various inscription papers: Midou can be used to exchange various inscription papers. The higher the level of different inscription papers, the higher the activity, and the greater the number of secret beans produced, which can be exchanged for a different one at the same time. The inscription paper, which can be re-invested again after the expiration of 30 days.

2. Short video guide:

1. Real-name authentication will send you a trial ~ Fall in love with the Ming paper, watch 5 minutes of video every day, get 0.5 secret beans every day, get a total of 15 secret beans in 30 days to stop the output, use the secret beans to exchange for other Ming papers


2. Rules for obtaining inscription documents:

For example: the red inscription paper can be exchanged with 10 secret beans, and 8 can be exchanged at the same time within 30 days. Watch 5 minutes of video every day. A single inscription paper can get 0.433 secret beans per day, and a total of 30 secret beans can be obtained after 30 days You can redeem it later.

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