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Shangmei furniture will explain the two main connection methods and processing methods of the bed for you!

1. Hanging iron

Requirements: bed leg width> bed hanging iron + bed top + 5mm;

Cause: The embedded nuts of the hanging iron have no place to hit, and they are too strong against the edges.

Second, crescent type

Requirements: The bed legs are not thick enough and the size is not enough to install the hanging iron; the bed thickness of the bed is preferably more than 26mm;

Reason: The side through holes should not be centered to avoid the penetration of large holes with a diameter of 35 or 40;

Types of plate bed structure

The plate bed refers to the furniture that the basic material is made of artificial board and connected by hardware. The general style is relatively simple, without deformation, cracking, and moderate price. The size of the plate bed is generally about 2.2 meters, and the head of the bed is 1 meter high. It is made of man-made board. It has a simple style and is very suitable for small rooms.

The slatted bed is the most people see in the market. The siding of some slatted beds currently on the market is becoming more and more realistic, with good gloss and feel.

Divided according to the number of applicable: single board bed and double board bed

1. Single board bed: refers to a board bed suitable for one person to sleep .

2. Double bed: It is a bed suitable for two people.

According to the angle of turning, it can be divided into: positive flap bed and side flap bed

1. Positive flap bed: It refers to a panel bed in which the entire bed is embedded into the wall from the front.

2. Side-turning bed: refers to the board bed embedded into the wall from the side.

Bed cleaning

1. Dry towel can be used to pat.

2. Use the sheath to keep the bed clean. The jacket should be cleaned at intervals. When ironing the sheath, it should be noted that some elastic sheaths are easy to dry and iron free. Even if you want to iron, the appearance of the fabric must be considered. Therefore, the inner side of the ironing sheath is more suitable, and the cotton sheath is not suitable for ironing.

3. Before cleaning the furniture, you should first use a soft cleaner such as feather duster to clean the surface of the surface, and then gently wipe it with a soft cloth. It can be cleaned with a small amount of water or an appropriate amount of detergent. For the board, it can be periodically treated with "furniture care solution" while keeping the interior of the cabinet clean.

Bed maintenance

1. Do not place it in a place with high temperature, humidity, severe vibration or strong light, and keep the room ventilated.

2. Don't hit the furniture with hard objects, and don't knock on the glass and hardware decoration surface.

3. Hardware decoration (including gold-plated) parts only need to be lightly cleaned with dry rags. Do not use detergents containing chemical substances. Never use acidic liquids to clean gold-plated parts. If black spots appear on the surface of gold-plated parts that are difficult to remove, kerosene Wipe, clean.

4. If the side of the slab bed appears to sway and delaminate, you can cover it with a thin cloth and iron it with an iron to restore it.

5. If the board bed has scratches and scratches, it can be repaired with the same color paint.

6. Regularly check the side fittings of the plate bed, and if there are any loose parts, tighten them in time.

This product is suitable for all kinds of subway, tunnel and underground engineering concrete construction.

Project Achievements: Beijing Metro; Tianjin Metro; Shenyang Metro;Changchun Metro;Dalian metro; Xuzhou subway.

Material: Q235 steel

Surface Treatment: painted or as customer requirement

Application: Subway, Tunnel Engineering

Type: Tunnel Formwork

Tolerance: GB or as customer requirements

Design: Provided by Li Jian

Size: Customized

MOQ: 1 set

Subway Accessory Steel Structure

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