Weekend Soul Chicken Soup

Go Jiaju brings you some chicken soup quotes

If life is free of sorrows, sorrows, joys and sorrows, then life is a blank, a bleak. The bloom of the flower season and the sadness of the rainy season are gradually forgotten with the annual rings. What was once unacceptable and unbearable, but now it smiles lightly. Maturity is not down, but down.

Life is always thinking badly

Go Jiaju products are easy to use. Taking care of your heart and doing your own thing is better than anything. Life is not perfect, and twists and turns are also scenic. Don't overestimate the loss, giving up is another kind of possession; don't always envy others, people do it, they realize it, and believe that the scenery that belongs to you is at the next corner.

At first, very grateful. But after a long time, it is used to it. I am used to what a person does to you, and I think it is justified. One day, if you are not right, you will feel resentful. In fact, it is not that others are bad, but that our demands have become more numerous. Get used to it and forget about gratitude.

Instead of complaining about others, start with changing yourself

A person who can tolerate loneliness must be a person with ideals; a person who can be flexible when in trouble, must be a person with a heart; a person who can handle calmly, must be a calm person; a person who often smiles must be a person with a mind; see through The person who works in the world must be a wise person.

A person who can tolerate loneliness must be someone with his own thoughts

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