Do you know when you go out for a summer vacation and self-driving fire safety?

When driving by car, you should maintain the vehicle in advance; lighter, air freshener and other inflammable and explosive materials should not be placed on the dashboard of the car; when entering public places, pay attention to evacuate the escape route; do not bring children to set off fireworks and firecrackers, or Celebrate the release of hydrogen balloons... Do you know the little common sense of fire safety in these holiday life?

Three minutes can't extinguish the fire and run quickly!

If a car has a fire, whether it is a rescue or an escape, depending on the situation, in general, a fire in a private car within 3 minutes may be extinguished by itself. If it burns for more than 3 minutes, the danger is too great, or it is better to abandon the car to escape.

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Check maintenance vehicles in advance

The car mainly develops the three-checking habits of the vehicle: check whether the vehicle has dripping, check whether the pipeline of the fuel supply system in the front cabin has aging abnormality, check whether the circuit has interference, short circuit, electric leakage and whether the battery pile head is loose or not. At the same time, we should adhere to the daily maintenance, regular maintenance and seasonal maintenance of the vehicle to ensure good condition and prevent car fires.

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Pay attention to the surrounding environment when parking

The exhaust device has a high temperature after the vehicle has been driven, and if the parking position is improper, such as near a combustible material, a fire may occur. Care should therefore be taken to avoid parking near wood or grass.

It is forbidden to place flammable and explosive materials in the car.

When the vehicle is parked, it should be kept at a safe distance from the combustibles. In addition, it is forbidden to place flammable and explosive materials that may cause fire after being heated and expanded, such as gas lighters, air fresheners, and mosquito killers, in the car or even on the instrument panel.

Pay attention to static protection when the vehicle is refueling

Before refueling, please make sure to remove static electricity from the body (touch the metal parts or the static elimination device on the tanker); when refueling, it is recommended not to return to the car, and do not touch the items that are easy to generate static electricity such as plush and chemical fiber. At the same time, you should also pay attention to the following points when refueling:

(1) The vehicle is turned off! !

(2) No smoking! !

(3) It is forbidden to use mobile phones! !

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