What are the advantages and disadvantages of real stone paint?

Real stone paint is a kind of good paint type. Many owners have purchased and used the decoration. If you want to buy real stone paint, Xiao Bian will introduce you to what is the real stone paint and the advantages and disadvantages of real stone paint. Which to help everyone better buy and use real stone paint.

First, what is real stone paint:

Real stone paint is a decorative paint that resembles marble and granite. It is mainly made up of natural stone powders of various colors. It is applied to the effect of imitation stone on the external walls of buildings. It is also called liquid stone. The building with real stone lacquer decoration has a natural and natural color, giving people an elegant, harmonious and dignified sense of beauty. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor decoration of various types of buildings. Especially on the curved buildings, it is vivid and lifelike, with a natural return effect. Real stone paint has fireproof, waterproof, acid and alkali resistance, and pollution resistance. Non-toxic, odorless, strong adhesion, never fade, etc., can effectively prevent the external environment from corroding the building and prolong the life of the building. Because the real stone paint has good adhesion and freeze-thaw resistance, it is suitable for Use in cold areas.

Second, the advantages of real stone paint:

1. The real stone paint is very decorative and natural in color. It has natural stone materials, a variety of line design, can reflect a variety of three-dimensional shape of the pattern structure, can visually highlight the elegant and dignified beauty of the entire building, is Dry wall hanging stone better alternatives.

2. The use of a wide range of real stone paint can be freely painted according to the shape of the wall. And the real stone paint is a type of water-based environmental protection, it uses water-based emulsion, non-toxic environmental protection, in line with people's requirements for environmental protection.

3, stain resistance is good, even if there is dirt is difficult to adhere to the above, after taking the water washed, as always, good-looking, easier to clean manually.

4, long life, good quality stone paint it will be very durable to use, do not need frequent renovation.

Third, the shortcomings of real stone paint:

1, when brushing, if it is coated with a very thick or uneven, after the appearance of the film will appear cracks, and even later there will be peeling, this situation must be a specific analysis, in addition to pay attention to the spraying method of construction, if necessary, Change the recipe and make it again.

2, winter because of large temperature difference between morning and evening, if the sudden cooling, will result in different drying rates inside and outside, the outer layer of dried and cracked formation of cracks, on-site solution is to use a small mouth spray gun, thin spray multi-layer, try to control each The drying speed of the layer is slightly better than the spraying distance.

Summary: The above is the content of the real stone paint that Xiao Bian brings to you and the advantages and disadvantages of the real stone paint. I believe we all understand it after reading it! If you want to know other related information, please continue to pay attention to this site, more exciting so stay tuned!

What is real stone paint?

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