What kind of furniture is suitable for the elderly?

Last week, Mu Heng held a brand and new product launch conference in 2018. In the article “2018 Muheng Brand and New Product Launch Report” , A Mu made a brief introduction to the conference.

Amu does not often mention Mu Heng’s physical business on pensions, so a friend often asks Mu Heng what he does. A Mu decided to publish the speeches of the heads of several business units at the press conference, hoping to let everyone have a better understanding of us.

The first " pension organization, what kind of design is needed? 》 Introduced Muheng's design section in detail. The second article was released today to introduce the ageing furniture segment that Muheng has been trying to expand since its establishment.

Adhere to the good furniture that suits the elderly and the price is good

Mu Heng Co-founder Lu Huazhen

Hello everyone, I'm Lu Huazhen.

I think Muheng was first known to the industry. It should be that since 15 years, we have appeared as a supplier of old-fashioned furniture. Nowadays, the old furniture segment is still a very important main business of Muheng. .

I often joke with our chief editor of Amu Pension. I said that I have the most contact with the client. I have two experiences. First, many clients are the first to know that Mu Mu is a pensioner. He is a fan of A Mu and knows Mu. Heng, indicating that Mu Mu is better known than Mu Heng, and second, many customers still only use Mu Heng as a furniture supplier.

Of course, there are preconceived reasons. However, regardless of whether our customers have a comprehensive understanding of whether we have, at least in the area of ​​furniture, we have the obligation and responsibility to allow ourselves to develop better and better.

Here's what I specifically talk about furniture.

Mu permanent establishment from day one, we have always had a vision, the vision that is simple, what we going to do "for the elderly, the price is kind" a good product, then simply put, is high quality, Cost-effective.

Do these words sound familiar to you?

However, if you don't insist, you don't know how hard this simple word is. Especially in the domestic furniture industry is in a Red Sea market environment.

In order to persist in this dream, what have we been doing in the course of corporate development?

01   First of all, we insist on the ability to independently research and develop furniture:

Few people in China are willing to invest in research and development because they invest in R&D and burning money, because the design of products and technology research and development often require high costs and long periods. However, people’s awareness of intellectual property protection is weak, and the high cost of rights protection has caused the homogenization and plagiarism of furniture to be serious.

Then we have to do research and development, we must first build a team, build a team is a long process, and there is no heavenly cattle, how to do? Internally , we take the product manager as the project leader, control the overall progress and general direction, and lead our multi-professional parallel departments to work together .

Building a team

Architectural/Indoor/Dressing Designer: Combine the shape/structure/material of the furniture.

Furniture Designer: Deepen the dimensions and details.

The old craftsman: As a general technical advisor, he also controls the drawings.

Marketing: As a sideline to prevent the product from deviating from the market, raise the price of the suit.

The product research and development department will continue to research, upgrade and optimize the product from the concept of gestation → listing → feedback, and develop it many times .

The general practice of old-fashioned furniture is relatively simple, the design company according to the indoor style out of the furniture style picture and approximate size, coupled with the market's common aging description, directly to the factory to deepen the drawings and production, the middle of the process material control You can only rely on luck. Finally, many customers are forced to accept unsatisfactory results under complex industrial systems.

In order to cooperate with the proofing and testing of the R&D process, in the second year of Muheng's establishment, that is, in 2015, we established our own R&D workshop, rented premises, purchased equipment, and recruited old tradesmen.

Muheng R&D workshop

Friends who know furniture know that the most unwillingness of the factory is to “ proof ” . Why?

a. Consumption of labor : This is not an ordinary worker. It is necessary to have sufficient experience and qualifications.

b. Time-consuming : Who can guarantee the new product once? Surely three times and twice.

c. Low efficiency : less things, no batches, small quantities.

If the problem of proofing is the first problem to be solved in R&D workshops, then “ standardization ” is the most important issue that R&D workshops must solve.

Before the standardization was established, it was always found that the workers did not produce according to the requirements. For example, if you clearly wrote a rounding 5cm, he wouldn't fall down and fell 3.5cm or 4cm. He may feel that he is worse than one or two. There is no difference in centimeters. In order to accurately grasp the size of each product, process, comfort. In order to achieve the goal of standardization of drawings and the standardization of materials, parts and processes, we insist on having our own R&D workshop and adhere to strict standards.

In addition, we “ keep up with intellectual property protection ” : At present, we have completed 42 appearance patents, 8 utility models, and 1 invention patent.

Many friends have asked us, saying that today's furniture in China is copied from each other and the pension industry is emerging as a new industry. At present, the requirements and quality of old-fashioned furniture are not so high. Why are we as an entrepreneurial team? Put in so much effort and expense for R&D? They will also ask if Mu Heng is profitable? They hope that we will be profitable one day so that we can do research and development alive. I am very touched by their understanding.

I think, " The ultimate goal behind insisting on R&D is still that we want to be a good product that really fits the elderly . " We must form a closed loop from " design, proofing, production, and use. "

02 We insist on high quality requirements

Here I need to discuss with you the concept of our product design: to label, universal design .

What is meant by this is through " invisible design details ", such as more consideration of the depth of sitting of furniture, the rationality of heights, and consideration of strong support, and so on, and "it is not directly explicit design to label elderly people . " Say this chair is for your seniors only. You are the elderly and your body can't.

We want furniture to be universal and everyone can use it, but older people are more comfortable with it. " More consideration here is the psychological feelings of the elderly. It is a respect." We would like to think whether we can care for them quietly and do our best to give this worthy group we love to learn and create a more casual and comfortable living environment so that they can truly do it – the wise man.

Based on the above design concepts, the “ Five Design Principles ” that run through every piece of furniture are extended :

[ Security ]

Materials are environmentally friendly, structurally stable, and corners rounded.

【 Comfortable 】

Ergonomic support design, body pressure dispersion design.

[ practical, beautiful ]

The principle of product practicality is taken into consideration in the product design and layout line, taking into account the beauty while fully considering the relationship between people and furniture, space and furniture, furniture and furniture.

[ Serviceable ]

It is not only easy to clean and easy to handle, but also considers product loss, meets the modularization of components, and can be upgraded in the future to extend the actual life cycle of the product.

【 Home 】

Invisible aging, do not label the elderly.

In order to meet our design principles, our products have strict control requirements from the initial material selection to the white embryo to the paint. Although we do the engineering batch order, we do it according to the product quality of the C-end customer. For example, it is not allowed to have any significant knots, the same product is not allowed to have a significant color difference, and the environmental protection level must meet the national standard requirements.

Here, I would like to give a simple data to show that our quality is really good.

Muheng Furniture's warranty data

I counted that from May 2015 we received the first order for furniture, and by March 2018, a total of 137 furniture contracts were signed during this period, which means that we issued a total of 137 batches in all sizes. goods. According to the statistics of the after-sales department, the factors such as logistics, installation, purchased parts, etc., are not returned or exchanged for more than 10 times due to the quality problems of the furniture itself. It is also based on these three years of after-sales feedback data, we can be very confident that we promised that " three years of warranty " can indeed be done .

Of course, from the perspective of customer experience, quality is just a part of it. There are also communication links, logistics, and time. With the increasing number of orders, the problems encountered are various. In places that have not been done, we also need to thank everyone for their inclusion and understanding.

03   Adhere to strong supply chain management

Supply chain management and control, this topic is very big, it is not easy to do it.

Internally, we continue to optimize our products and enhance team management, coordination of operations capabilities, strengthen the team's professional skills training, and streamline the standardization process of project production.

Externally, we continue to strengthen supplier control. In terms of elements, they include “ cost control ,” “ quality control, ” and “ time control. ” From the process point of view, from the control of raw materials to the environmental protection requirements of paint, from the process to the self-test before leaving the factory, from the outside To logistics and so on.

As far as cost management is concerned, I will give an example. This seat, imported ash solid wood, passed the product optimization of the R&D department and the optimization of the supply side, and the price was 7% lower than six months ago. Under the premise of unchanged quality, the reduction of product costs directly saves costs for institutional purchases.

In terms of self-inspection before leaving the factory, Muheng will conduct random inspections on the same batch of products. Before our sampling, the factory must perform self-inspection. We require Muheng to be fully qualified when sampling.

In order to allow foundries to better understand the starting point of our demanding requirements, at the end of last year, we also specially organized a training program for the elderly to talk about the current situation of the pension industry, talk about the development of the pension industry, and talk about the body and physiology of the elderly. Needs, in order to allow workers to have more knowledge of old homes, let them know that every piece of furniture they are motivated is meaningful, and they are all making contributions to their elders.

04 insist on adding additional value

Our diverse team cultivates our overall vision and objective service capabilities and awareness. Relying on the resources of the parent company's interior design and drapery design, even if it is pure furniture purchase, we also insist on extending more services.

For example, if the customer clearly quotes the price of furniture, we will continue to “ actively adjust the layout of reasonable furniture in the space, consider the relationship between furniture and furniture, the relationship between furniture and space, and the relationship between furniture and the elderly and nursing staff”. For example, according to the different positioning and customer groups of different organizations, the analysis and design of the storage system are performed.

In the end, I simply listed the serviced customers and landing projects. There are not too many deployments here.

05 Mu Heng, morhome, mor+home

Appropriate aging furniture is Mu Heng's first product card handed out to the pension industry.

Although we will emphasize that Muheng is more than a furniture company, we hope that everyone will recognize Muheng as a good furniture brand.

Although Muheng expands the service chain to design and installation... But we are still full of respect for furniture. We firmly believe that it is not difficult to make a piece of furniture, but it is not easy to make a piece of furniture, and we still use a craftsman. The beginning of the heart makes every product.

thank you all!


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