Tatami advantages and disadvantages comprehensive assessment more peace of mind

Basically every thing has two sides, that is, advantages and disadvantages. There is no perfect thing. So if you want to accept one thing, you need to do a comprehensive assessment and be more helpful to yourself. The same is true for the decoration of tatami mats. Only knowing its role in the home can be installed with confidence. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of tatami .

Tatami advantages and disadvantages - advantages

1, beautiful appearance and creative

Tatami has a very square and atmospheric design, and it is because of its unique shape that many people are highly respected. With the features of elegance and comfort, its design is more of a fusion of natural and fashionable elements. The design lines are smooth and smooth, creating a warm and comfortable feeling, which shows the indoor leisure charm.

2, make full use of space

Tatami not only has a good appearance, but also has a strong storage function inside the bed. Generally, lockers are designed to store some things that are not commonly used. Of course, they can also be designed as table beds, chairs, sofas, and other furniture, so as to avoid excess stacking of furniture.

3, good for the body

Tatami has its soft and hard texture, which is beneficial to children's skeletal development, and thus promotes growth. The relatively fragile body of the elderly also helps in recovery.

4, multi-function

Tatami design is not rigid, but it has the advantage of flexible use. In addition to its basic use as a bed, it can also be used as a mattress. You can also design bookcases, wardrobes, desks, and the like on top of a tatami table. You can combine all functions in a single study; you can study in a study room, can be a guest bedroom, or be a family activity. Leisure and entertainment. Because of so much functionality, tatami is increasingly favored by small apartment owners.

The advantages and disadvantages of tatami - shortcomings

1, inconvenient to move

Although the tatami is powerful, but in the design and decoration of most of the room to be tailored Caixing, and it has a fatal flaw is not moving, how late in the tatami is not a favorite owner, you can only disassemble, although it does not affect The whole house, but it is troublesome to plan again.

2, the price is more expensive than the finished bed

Because the tatami bed needs to be customized according to the type of the home, the price of the tatami bed is definitely more expensive than the average bed. In particular, the quality of the tatami bed is more expensive.

3, poor air permeability

Although tatami has a large storage capacity, its storage space (floor) is basically closed, so the air permeability is definitely not good, storage needs to be opened frequently to ventilate, prevent moldy lice.

Editor's Note: The above is about the advantages and disadvantages of tatami. Although tatami has many functions, it also helps in the home environment. However, not every area can be installed with tatami. For more information, please follow this site.

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