House Renovation Process 7 House Renovation Steps

After the house was handed over, everyone began to prepare the house for renovation. The house decoration is a very important event in life, so you can't be careless. Before the renovation, we all understand the process of house decoration ? Today, Xiao Bian talks with everyone about the process of house decoration . Before the renovation, you learned about the process of house decoration and can bring a lot of help in the future decoration.

House renovation process

1. Early design

Renovating the design of the house is important. You need to make a detailed measurement of each space before designing. Among them, the main wall area, ground area, and the size of the furniture to be placed in the later period are to be estimated.

2. Demolition of the main body

After the construction steps were taken, the demolishing of the main body was one of the first projects to be started. There were many steps included in the project, such as wall removal, wall building, and shoveling of wall coverings. When the main body is demolished, it is necessary to put the framework of the construction site first to ensure the safety of construction.

3. Hydropower renovation

After the demolition of the main structure was completed, hydropower reform began. Hydroelectric reform is a hidden project. It has a bearing on our future use of water and electricity, so the selection of materials is also very rigorous. After the completion of the hydropower reform, acceptance should be carried out immediately, and the problem should be solved immediately. If it is not accepted in time, then once the bricks are laid, the hydropower project will be covered.

4. Woodworking

Carpenters and bricklayers and oil workers are the “three brothers” of construction. The construction sequence is: wood-tile-oil. According to the principle of who is dirty on the construction.

5. Tiling

When the workers begin construction, they will begin the construction of the bricklayers before the carpenters have finished. In fact, there is no conflict between the two.

6. Brush wall paint

At the beginning of the construction of the oil workers, the main treatment of the walls was as well as wall painting and furniture painting. If you want to put a friend on the wallpaper, then you need to let the "oil worker" in the plan to do wallpaper on the walls of the base can be.

7. Kitchen ceiling

Most of the kitchen and bathroom ceilings are integrated ceilings. Some integrated appliances are also provided at the same time as the ceiling is installed. It is best for students to install ceiling lights and exhaust fans (bath heaters) at the same time, or to leave heads and openings.

The above is an introduction to the process of house renovation brought to you. After you understand the completion of these 7 steps, you think that everyone has a general understanding of the decoration process. I hope the above can help you, if you want to know other information , Please continue to pay attention to this site, more exciting so stay tuned!

House Renovation Steps House Renovation Process

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