What is the pit distance of the squatting pan?

When we buy squat toilets, the first thing we must do is to know the distance between the toilets in our homes, so that the products we buy can be installed. If we do not measure them in advance, it may happen that we cannot install them. The following Xiao Bian will tell you about the pit distance of the squatting pan and what you should pay attention to when installing the squatting pan.

What is the pit distance of the squat toilet?

1. The pit is installed without the need of a fixed pit distance because it does not need to be against the wall. There are also front and back points in the direction of the launch. If you are installing an ordinary toilet then its pit distance is 30CM and 40CM. So when the pit distance is less than 28 or greater than 45, then it is recommended to buy an appropriate size pit according to the size.

2. The squatting pan refers to the urine which is characterized by the human body taking the squat type. The squatting pan is divided into unobstructed and covered; the squat toilet structure has a return bend and no return bend.

3. The working principle of the trap, this is the use of a horizontal "S"-type elbow, resulting in a "water seal", in doing so can prevent the odor of the sewer back. The height of this trap depends on what type of trap you are using and the height of the sewer's horizontal trunk. If the horizontal trunk is not much lower than the ground, then a P-shaped return trap should be used at this time. A short length of the stub pipe can be used to match the installation height. There is no specified length, so that the horizontal pipe has a grade. This short section is between the squatting pan and the trap. If the water intake of the building riser is below the floor or the position of the main pipe is relatively low, an S-shaped trap should be used. A short pipe with a socket is used to make up the height difference under the squat toilet. . In short, there is no strict rule of this height. If the floor of the squat toilet rises at a height during the renovation, this size still needs to be added.

What should you pay attention to when installing a squatting pan?

1. According to the discharge outlet of the installed product, reserve the sewer pipe at an appropriate position away from the wall, and also determine the distance from the entrance of the sewer pipe to the ground level.

2. Remember that the depth of the pit where the squatting pan is to be installed below the ground is greater than the height of the toilet.

3. Clamp the connection rubber plug into the inlet hole of the squatting pan. Apply a layer of glass glue or putty on the outer edge that contacts the inlet hole of the squatting pan so that the water inlet pipe can be inserted into the rubber inlet hole to make it seal well with the rubber plug. The purpose of this is to prevent water leakage.

4. Apply a layer of glass glue or putty to the edge of the water outlet of the squatting pan and place it into the inlet of the sewer pipe. Also use coke slag or other filler to level the toilet.

5. Open the water inlet system and check whether there is any water leakage at the joints. If water leakage is found, check the joints.

6. After checking the joints for no water leakage, the filler can be used to fill around the toilet at this time. At the same time, the ceramic and cement mortar contact surface is filled with more than 1cm of elastic material such as asphalt or linoleum.

7. Fix the squatting pan in the horizontal plane with cement mortar, and then apply the bathroom floor tile on the cement surface.

8, try to flush, if there is no abnormal phenomenon can be used.

Summary: What is the pit distance of the squatting pan and what should be paid attention to when installing the squatting pan? Introduce to this, before you install the squatting pan or do some homework, so that you know what should be noted in the installation, pre- How easy it is to stay. I hope that the above introduction will help everyone.

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