The principle of small room decoration, how to layout small rooms

 Regarding the content of small room decoration, in fact, Xiaobian only wants to say that thousands of people have thousands of ideas. In the final analysis, they still need to be consistent with the overall home decoration style and spatial layout, and they don't look so spicy. The second is to arrange according to their own preferences, choose the soft furniture of the Chinese furniture. Nowadays, housing prices are still high. Many young people prefer to choose small-sized apartments when they buy a house, which can alleviate the economic pressure. So today, the decoration house Xiaobian talks about the principle of small room decoration and how the layout of small rooms is related. content. 
 What is the principle of simple decoration in a small room? 

1, appropriate embellishment

The small-sized houses are not very large in space, and they do not require too many ornaments. Occasionally, the white space of the space can bring out the atmosphere of the main body.

2, the new use of old things

Some of the original household items in the home do not need to be replaced, the replacement can not be put down, the small is not necessary, sometimes only need to dress up a little home, or add a little accessories, you can create a new look.

3, keep it simple

The smaller the size, the more it is necessary to add more storage cabinets to make the space more storage function, which increases the storage requirements and visually does not see debris.

4, choose the bedroom style

Don't give up your dream of decorating the house because you live in a small apartment. The big house has a large house decoration method, and the small apartment has a small apartment decoration idea. Regardless of the size of the house, as long as it allows it to show your unique style, it is a good decoration. Warm, elegant, dreamy, minimalist, etc. Choosing the decoration style you like is the most important.

How to layout a small room?

Method / step


1 Selection of furniture

This is one of the ways to save space and space. That is to choose the combination of furniture that overlaps up and down, place it as close as possible to the wall, and make full use of the corner area of ​​the room to make a large space inside the room.


2 borrow high

The room is small but the floor is high. You can take a loft and divide it into two spaces for sleeping, meeting, and eating. If there is a sloping roof in the room, place the rest at the lowest point of the sloping roof. If the bed covers a large area, you can set up a hanging cabinet above the bed, which can be used as a bedside table and save space.


3 curtain partition

When a room must be shared with children or the elderly, curtains can be used for partitioning. During the day, the curtains are used to make the sun shine in the room. At night, the curtains can be placed at intervals to accommodate the freedom.


4 clever cloth pattern

Using a wallpaper with simple florets or a diamond pattern is a trick to make the space "big". Striped colors and small patterns enrich the boring walls and expand the space.


5 Qiao An Grand Mirror

A large decorative mirror is placed on the wall, because the mirror has an extension function, reflecting the exterior of the window, making the interior space appear larger. This arrangement of the room, not only the layout is suitable and comfortable, but also improve the style of home improvement, although the size of the apartment is small, but it is better than the layout.

The above is a detailed answer to the principle of small room decoration and how to layout the small room. I don't know if you are satisfied with the introduction of the decoration home network. If you want to know more about the exciting content, please continue to pay attention to our home encyclopedia!

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