Good Aijia Furniture brings you the latest Chinese top ten environmental protection furniture brands

As modern people pay more attention to environmental protection and health, environmental protection furniture has been favored by more and more consumers due to its natural, safe and non-toxic advantages. Various furniture brands are also committed to making more environmentally-friendly furniture. In the fierce competition, environmental protection technology has been continuously upgraded year after year. The following good Aijia Furniture Xiaobian brings us the latest Chinese top ten environmental protection furniture brands .

All Friends Furniture

Quanyou Furniture belongs to Chengdu Quanyou Furniture Co., Ltd. and was founded in 1986. In the entire Chinese furniture market, Quanyou furniture has a very high reputation. Its products have passed environmental protection certification, and its products are not only of superior quality, And its service has also won the praise of consumers.


Dynasty Furniture

Hong Kong dynasty furniture, many people have heard of this name, it can be seen that its popularity is very high, in the entire plate furniture market, Hong Kong dynasty furniture is the leading production and sales enterprises, with a very strong strength, its product marketing network has Cover all corners of the world.


Qumei Furniture

The Qumei Furniture brand was founded in 1987 and has a history of 26 years. Its products are called green, healthy and environmentally-friendly products. Today, people see the importance of home life more and more. Qumei takes advantage of the environmental performance of its furniture and other things. Excellent service has been widely recognized.

Bright Pearl

Pearl is the brand of Chengdu Pearl Furniture (Group) Co., Ltd. It is one of the largest furniture manufacturers in China. Its brand competitiveness is very strong. The strength of the entire company is also very strong in the furniture industry.


This brand of IKEA appeared in 1943 and entered the Chinese market in 1998. It can be described as a brand with a long history in the Chinese furniture industry. Its brand reputation has been known all over the world. Its headquarters is established in Sweden and its product marketing network covers it. The world has always been deeply loved by consumers.


Red apple

Red Apple was founded in 1981 and was established in Hong Kong, China. Its franchised products include high-end panel furniture, sofas, and mattresses. It also has a very high reputation in the Chinese furniture market. Many consumers are scrambling to purchase the brand's furniture products. .

Dingsheng Merlot

Dingsheng Merlot is famous for manufacturing solid wood furniture in the entire furniture market. As modern people are increasingly pursuing a healthy and natural home life, the brand's products have been greatly favored in the furniture market.

Caesar Court

Caesars Palace mainly deals in European furniture and belongs to a self-produced and self-sold furniture brand. It has reduced the turnover link in the middle of the market, so its product price is cheaper than other brands, but its price is cheaper, but its The quality is still quite guaranteed.



Han Feier mainly manages Korean furniture. Affected by “Korean Waves”, many people now like Korean style. Therefore, Han Feier’s natural and pure and refreshing furniture has taken away the eyes of many consumers. Become a well-known brand on the best-selling furniture list.


Kafoya is mainly engaged in soft furniture, and soft furniture is popular in the current furniture market. Therefore, Kafua gathers time and place with people, and has become the heart of consumers with its unique style and modest price. "Favorite furniture."

The above is the full content of the latest China's top ten environmental protection furniture brands . To learn more about furniture, you can pay attention to GO Home Information Channel.

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