Combined stainless steel water tank production process

First, the text of the production process
1. According to the customer's specifications and dimensions of the water tank, the molded board is purchased from the acceptance standard. After the stainless steel molded plate enters our factory, it is checked whether its thickness, quality and warranty book are qualified.
2. Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. uses a stainless steel plate that is 10 centimeters wide and 200 centimeters long, and is then folded into L-shaped or U-shaped strips using a bending machine as reinforcement for the tank.
3. Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. uses a 1m*1m standard molded plate at the top of the water tank. The middle hole Ø is a circular hole of 800mm. The periphery is welded with a stainless steel plate with a height of 10cm. Fix it with a hinge and lock it on the other side.
4. Buy a 6-meter-long 10# channel steel, cut it to the required length, and weld it into the corresponding long and wide rectangular or square of the water tank. A 50-centimeter interval will weld a channel steel and splicing into the tank steel base. 5. Purchase the qualified stainless steel square tube, cut it into the required length, weld the module into a ladder, and then weld it in the water tank to match the position and make the tank ladder.
6. According to the drawings or the customer's site needs, open-hole welding inlet, outlet, sewage outlet, overflow outlet and so on. 7. Purchasing standard welding wire, first assembling the tank bottom plate with argon-arc welding, sealing and welding the four corners of the standard molded board water tank plate, and grinding and polishing the welded corner. Then the reinforcement bar is welded and then the top plate is assembled. Then clean the oil traces to become semi-finished products.
8. When the tank is assembled on site, the elevation shall not exceed ±5mm, and the verticality shall not exceed 5mm per meter.
9. Assembled water tanks are used for water test: After filling for 24 hours, the water is not allowed to leak. If there is a leak, re-welding is required and the experiment is performed.
10. Remove the protective film from the tank, clean the tank with detergent, and rinse the tank with clean water.
11. Delivery and acceptance, qualified acceptance; delivered to customer use.
12. Appropriate identifications such as factory name, site, specification, and production date shall be put into use after being cleaned and disinfected by customers.

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