Which is the first to install wallpaper and floor? Omido explains to you

Which is the first to install wallpaper and floor ? This is a problem that is often considered in the decoration. Afraid to take the wrong step to bring trouble to the decoration or the quality of the craft is not guaranteed. Today Omidian explains to you which of the wallpaper and the floor is installed first ?


1, first wallpaper, after the shop floor.

Advantages: This wallpaper can be in the end, baseboard can be a good press on the wallpaper foot, the bottom edge of the wallpaper will not crack, upturned possible, more beautiful.

Disadvantages: Cutting and handling operations are prone to bruises and break wallpapers. Difficult to repair. At the same time, you must not open the window for three days after the wallpaper is attached. During this time, you cannot lay the floor. You will delay the construction period, and it is easy to contaminate the wallpaper and crack the floor.

2, first floor, after the wallpaper.

Advantages: Flooring operations will be relatively large, including handling, construction and so on. Inevitably there will be dust, dirty wallpaper is not clean, so that they are avoided.

Disadvantages: When the wallpaper is glued, the glue falls on the floor and it is not easy to handle. It is not convenient for construction. At the same time the floor has been installed, the effect of wallpaper is not very good.


The ideal order is first floor, wallpaper, and baseboard.

The floor is at the front because the floor is dirty and the dust is large, and it is easy to stain the wallpaper.

The baseboard is behind because the baseboard can hold down the wallpaper so that it never curls.

Which of the wallpaper and floor first has its own answer, the ideal order is of course good, but it still depends on the habit of the decoration master, as long as the decoration of the master is good, whichever is first installed, how to ignore the decoration of the master The habit to choose the ideal order may not get good results. To learn more about home, you can follow the GO Home Information Channel.

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