[Comprehensive] Gaomi Zhanglusi Village Uses E-Commerce Platform to Create Labor Insurance Products Gathering Area

The annual "Double 11" is coming, and the day known as "Hands-Bill Festival" has become a grand holiday for global consumers. Behind the scenes is the vigorous development of e-commerce, in this tide, Weifang Yong Li Chaotou, through the e-commerce to activate the infinite power of economic innovation and development. To this end, the newspaper has launched a series of "Weifang e-commerce road" series of reports, from the city's "Taobao Village" development, agricultural electricity supplier, cross-border e-commerce, logistics and distribution, and e-commerce existing problems and development direction five A comprehensive understanding of Weifang e-commerce development process and blueprint.

“Bling the bell...” At 6 o'clock in the morning, Zhou Shilong’s alarm clock rang. The first thing he got up after he got up was to turn on the computer. The message that he hadn’t responded to the previous night had popped out. In response to the gaps in the information, he hurriedly washed and began a busy day. "Double 11" approached, straight up, urging constant orders to make him tired and happy. Zhou Shilong’s Zhanglusi Village, a high-density economic development zone, built an accumulation area for labor insurance products. It last year became the city’s first “Taobao Village.” Every day, 230,000 pairs of labor insurance shoes are sent from Zhanglusi Village and the surrounding villages to all parts of the country.

Taobao shop opened back to the village, eight years to become "labor insurance shoes king"

On November 3, the reporter went to Zhang Lusi Village and found that “non-stopping horses” is the normal life here. The villagers are either busy with online orders, are busy with delivery, and are busy with processing and production.

Once, Zhanglusi Village was an ordinary village. Under the drive of e-commerce, the industry chain of village materials, design, production, sales, and logistics has been formed. In October 2016, Alibaba Research released the "China Taobao Village Research Report." The report shows that there are 108 "Taobao Villages" in Shandong, and Zhanglusi Village is one of them. This is also the first true Taobao Village in Weifang. .

The reporter saw Zhou Shilong and his labor insurance company. Five or six computers work on his desk at the same time. The first thing that comes to work every day is to look at the data of the previous day, such as the turnover, volume, etc. From one person’s Taobao store to 40 to 50 people, the sales volume from the initial daily doubles to the current daily 6,000 pairs, the annual sales from tens of thousands to the current 50 million, and the performance has been ranked in the national labor insurance for three consecutive years. The shoe net was sold first, and Zhou Shilong, who was known by the locals as "the king of labor insurance shoes", spent nearly 8 years.

Zhou Shilong, who was born in 1987, once worked in Taobao for one year while studying in Jinan. After returning to his hometown, Zhang Lusi, in August 2009, he invested all the money he earned and started the “labor insurance network marketing career”. The first person to eat crabs in the village. When the shop started, the business was not good, only a few pairs of shoes a day, more than a dozen double. At that time, the village only had STO, and it needed to send another express to get Jiaozhou or Gaomi urban areas. Zhou Shilong explored while learning and persisted for more than a year. The online store finally received customer acceptance and sales continued to grow.

"Taobao Village" grows in mind

Every day, 20,000 pairs of labor insurance shoes are sold throughout the country

Zhou Shilong, who tasted the sweetness, devoted herself to the operation of the online store. Later, the company was established. Up till now, there have been more than 40 employees. He built a three-story office building in the village, and there were several large warehouses. They looked out from the village road and were particularly conspicuous.

The turning point with the fate of Zhou Shilong is the whole Zhanglusi Village. Gaomi is the production base of labor insurance products in China. Zhanglusi Village is a natural village in the eastern part of Gaomi. The village is small, with a total of more than 200 households. The villagers have been engaged in the labor insurance footwear industry for nearly 40 years. “Zhang Lusi Village has been mainly engaged in the processing and sales of agricultural and traditional labor insurance shoes, and its production methods are extensive.” Speaking of Zhang Lusi Village ten years ago, Zhang Lu’s Party Committee Secretary Liu Hua was deeply filled with emotions. Small workshops dominate, and the younger generation have to work outside. Nowadays, everything has changed because of e-commerce.

Liu Hua recalled that the news that “Zhou Shilong had opened an online shop and made money” quickly spread throughout the village. For a time, "opening shop" became the goal of villagers chasing. This small village, which has been sticking to the processing and sales of traditional labor insurance shoes for nearly 40 years, quickly upgraded and transformed with the e-commerce platform Taobao.com. At present, there are more than 80 online shops in Zhanglusi Village and the surrounding villages, of which there are nearly ten households selling more than two or three thousand of them each day. Young people have “back to the nest” and many college students choose to return to the village to open Taobao stores every year after graduation.

The online shop in the village is busy regardless of size. According to incomplete statistics, there are 230,000 pairs of labor insurance shoes sent from Zhanglusi Village and surrounding villages to the country every day. According to Zhou Shilong, one-third of locally produced labor insurance shoes are sold through online channels, with annual sales of over 300 million yuan.

E-commerce platform has driven at least 50,000 local people

On October 29, 2016, at the 4th China Taobao Village Summit Forum, Zhanglusi Village was officially awarded the title of “China Taobao Village” by Alibaba.com. At present, more than 80% of labor insurance shoe stores on Taobao.com, regardless of location, are opened by villagers in Zhanglusi Village or nearby villages.

“The annual 'double eleven' is coming again. Prepare inventory ahead of time by 10 times more than usual.” Zhou Shilong said that last year his shop sold 800,000 pairs of shoes, only “double 11′′ was sold on the same day. 50,000 pairs. In order to prepare for this year’s “Double 11”, they began to prepare in September... The big days of e-commerce have become the “batons” of their working lives.

The reporter followed Zhou Shilong to the local Shandong Shunqiang Shoes Co., Ltd. In the large factory area, the workers were busy with their own processes in front of the machine. "Seventy-eighth production lines produce more than 6,000 pairs of labor insurance shoes every day," said company head Jing Xiuxiu.

Liu Hua said that there are now hundreds of manufacturers producing safety shoes in the community, and there are also more than 20 shoe factories with a number of production lines and thousands of employees, such as Shunqiang Shoes.

In addition to online sales and production of labor insurance shoes, some villagers also switched to couriers. In the words of Chu Zunsheng, secretary of the village branch, it is said that “at least one person in the village is engaged in the labor insurance footwear industry”. E-commerce has driven at least 50,000 local people in employment and entrepreneurship.

E-commerce not only increases the income of the villagers, but also changes the way of life.

Because e-commerce is on the rise, the villagers in Zhanglusi Village are experiencing the most real changes. E-commerce has opened up a new world for the villagers. It has not only stimulated employment, increased incomes, material lives have improved, but spiritual life has also undergone enormous changes. .

"When you walk in the village, you will find that your family has built a new house and bought a car." Liu Hua said that the development of a better electricity supplier income from 300,000 yuan to 1 million yuan a year. Even the average worker’s income level in the workshop has been greatly improved. Wang Yanxu, a 47-year-old villager, was responsible for shoe-making for three years at a local shoe factory. Before that, he was a carpenter and the life of his family was stretched. The monthly salary is at least three or four thousand yuan, which is much stronger than before.

Compared with ordinary rural areas, a major feature of Taobao Village is that villagers have higher incomes and are accustomed to online shopping. The reporter found that villagers in Zhanglusi Village are more fashionable in terms of lifestyle and dress, and villagers are becoming more accustomed to online shopping.

Walking on the village road, there are people receiving and delivering goods from the courier company. The old man rides a tricycle to deliver goods. The child helps parents to take orders online. When a child plays the word "pro" online, you must not be surprised. This is very common.

development of

Establishing an association to help e-commerce small businesses develop in groups

When busy, locals are also considering how to develop and fight the market. Liu Hua believes that although the e-commerce business in Zhanglusi Village has developed rapidly, there are not many large-scale enterprises. Most e-commerce small businesses are in a state of fragmentation. The market lacks unified standard management, and thus the quality of production and sales of labor insurance shoes is uneven. problem.

In Zhou Shilong's office, there is a plaque saying "The President of Gaomi City Security Protection Internet Trading Association". This association was established at the end of 2016. “The establishment of the association and the development of e-commerce teams in Zhanglusi Village will help them to reduce bad competition by bringing them together.” Zhou Shilong said that using the platform of the association, resources integration and manpower training can be carried out internally, and online sales practices can be standardized. Product quality, brand promotion; external can form a strong "speech platform", with logistics, telecommunications, raw material suppliers and other negotiations to obtain low prices. The electricity suppliers in Zhanglusi Village have begun to think about the flaws in their business models and tried to transform from "guerrilla warfare" to "group army operations."

Since its establishment more than a year ago, the Association has played an active role, such as timely notification of major changes in the industry, and regularly hires professional teachers to lecture in major cities such as Beijing. The village also established the e-commerce business platform for college students in the Gaomi Economic Development Zone to provide more young people with a practical learning stage and provide quality talent resources for the development of e-commerce.

To apply for "Taobao Town" to form a contiguous development trend

Under the influence of Zhang Lusi Village, the development of e-commerce in surrounding villages is also very rapid. The “Taobao Village” villagers are not limited to Zhanglusi Village. There are online shops opened by villagers in Gaomi and even in the whole country. According to Alibaba's requirements, when a town, township, or street meets the administrative village of the “Taobao Village” standard of three or more administrative villages, it can apply for “Taobao Town”. This is based on the development of “Taobao Village”. A higher level of rural e-commerce ecological phenomenon. Next, the local plan to apply for "Taobao Town" to let "Taobao Village" form a contiguous development trend.

The reporter learned from the Gaomi Economic Development Zone that at present, the district has formed a security industry cluster, formed a two-product system consisting mainly of labor insurance gloves and labor insurance shoes, and gradually developed into the largest production base for security products in the country. The sales revenue was 4.13 billion. In order to further cultivate 10 billion industrial clusters, build advanced security industrial bases, transaction and distribution centers for security products and raw materials, and modern service industry centers, the Economic Development Zone is actively planning and constructing security products industrial parks. After the completion of the park, the estimated annual production value exceeds 10 billion yuan. Yuan, realized profits and taxes of 1 billion yuan, and settled in 80 companies.

â—ŽNews extension

Seven e-commerce model villages

Featured industries one by one

In recent years, the city has seized new opportunities for the development of the Internet, and the continuous and rapid development of e-commerce. In 2016, the city’s e-commerce transactions amounted to approximately RMB 241 billion, ranking fourth in Qingdao after the city’s total (542.5 billion), Jinan (4742 million), and Linyi (245 billion), an increase of 31% year-on-year. In the first half of 2017, the city’s e-commerce transaction volume was approximately 150 billion yuan, an increase of 25% year-on-year.

At present, a total of seven administrative villages in our city have been identified as the first e-commerce demonstration villages in Shandong Province. They are: Chijia Village, Huanglou Street, Qingzhou City, Caoguanzi Village, Hou Town, Shouguang City, and Suijiawu Economic Area, Shouguang City, Shouguang City. Village, Sangjia Village, Wenjia Street, Shouguang City, Shanwang Town, Zhuang Village, Linyi County, Dongjun Village, Chengguan Street, Linyi County, and Gaojia Village, Buzhuang Town, Changyi City.

Each of the 7 e-commerce model villages has its own unique industry. Among them, Gaojia Village, Buzhuang Town, Changyi City is mainly engaged in straw weaving; Xiaomi in Linwang County and Zhuangcun Town of Linyi County is a local one; Chijia Village of Huanglou Street in Qingzhou City and Caojun Village of Hou Town in Shouguang City are all based on its flower industry. Among the model villages of electricity suppliers, Shuangjiacheng Economic Zone of Shouwang City, Sijiawu Village and Wenjia Sub-district, Sangjia Village all feature vegetable and flower seedlings; Linqu County, Dongguan Village, Chengguan Street, is famous for its strange rocks. A04-A05 version of the text / map this reporter Yu Weifeng

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