Is the food grade silicone mold a biscuit model that produces harmful substances?

Silicone molds are very popular molds. They have extraordinary achievements in cakes, biscuits, jellies, chocolates, etc. Now food grade silicone molds are not just for business use, they have been involved in families, parent-child activities, kitchens, DIY are all in use!

The products made with food-grade silicone molds mainly attract children's attention and make the products look diversified, but satisfy the children's curiosity. Many people worry about long-term use of food-grade silicone molds to make cakes or biscuits. Warm will not produce harmful substances!

The performance of food grade silica gel can withstand high temperature 350 low temperature -60 degrees, no harmful substances in high temperature environment or low temperature environment, Hongfeng food grade silica gel is certified by SGS and FDA, is a Silicone raw materials that you can use with confidence!

Food grade silica gel performance: food grade silica gel is a kind of environmentally friendly silicone silica gel, non-toxic, odorless, high transparency; soft, good elasticity, kink resistance and no deformation; no cracking, long service life, cold and high temperature resistance; Tear strength and superior electrical performance; no yellowing at room temperature, no frosting, no whitening, no fading, no water in the water for a long time, no odor!

Consult food grade silica gel, all kinds of liquid silicone, pressure sensitive adhesive, release agent and other raw materials can be telephone consultation week S exclusive: hfdd1993! We provide technical guidance free of charge to help you solve operational problems!
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