The tax reform will accelerate the overall design plan has been clear

Abstract The reporter learned from the industry that the supporting reform measures for personal income tax reform will accelerate. Including the development of a personal income and property information system construction overall plan, promote the establishment of a natural person tax management system to adapt to the tax reform, further improve the tax risk analysis system, and research...
The reporter learned from the industry that the supporting reform measures for personal income tax reform will accelerate. Including the formulation of the overall plan for the construction of personal income and property information systems, the promotion of the natural person tax management system to adapt to the tax reform, the further improvement of the individual tax risk analysis system, and the research and proposed supporting management methods will all be promoted this year. The industry believes that the speeding up of the reform of supporting measures will further remove the obstacles for this round of tax reforms to move forward and better.
“The current reform plan for personal income tax is being studied in design and demonstration.” Minister of Finance Xiao Jie pointed out during the two sessions this year that he responded to the progress of tax reform. According to reports, the tax reform will be carried out in accordance with the path of “the overall design and implementation of the plan is in place, and the personal income tax system suitable for China's national conditions is gradually established”.
In fact, the overall design plan for the current round of tax reform has been clearly visible: with the goal of moving towards a new tax system combining “integration and classification”, some income items such as wages and salaries, labor compensation, and remuneration will be implemented. The annual tax payment is summarized, and the special expenditure deduction items related to family livelihood, such as the education expenditure of the two-child family, are appropriately increased. On the other hand, income-generating items such as property transfers continue to be classified.
Regarding the issue of increasing the amount of tax exemption that taxpayers are generally concerned about, Xiao Jie said, “When researching and formulating reform plans, we will conduct comprehensive calculations based on factors such as the level of consumption of residents, and determine whether to increase the amount of exemption, and the increase will increase.”
At present, accelerating the reform of individual taxation has become a relatively consistent voice in the industry.
Zhang Lianqi, a member of the Accounting Standards Strategy Committee of the Ministry of Finance and a senior researcher from China and the Globalization Think Tank, told the Economic Information Daily that the personal income tax reform should become a breakthrough in fiscal and tax reform after the expansion of the camp. In view of the unbalanced situation in China, the social supporting measures and the unsound conditions of the collection and management, the personal income tax reform should be based on the implementation of the program demonstration and the top-level design, and a little bit of maturity. It is a good time to lose time, not to waste food, not to wait and see.
During the two sessions, a number of NPC deputies from the local finance department and the tax bureau system called for accelerated tax reform. A director of the Local Taxation Bureau of the Central Province told the Economic Information Daily that from the perspective of tax collection and management, "the technical barriers to taxation are better to overcome, not a big problem, but how to manage and clarify it." ”
The industry believes that the promotion of individual tax reform is inseparable from a series of supporting measures. For example, if a reasonable deduction is to accelerate the problem, it is necessary to take into account factors such as the level of information systems, tax collection and management capabilities, and related implementation and regulatory costs.
Jiang Zhen, an associate researcher at the China Academy of Finance and Economics of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, told the reporter of the Economic Information Daily that given the conditions of actual collection and management, it is difficult to make individual tax reforms. In his view, the most important part of the tax reform is the change in the mode of collection and management. "Unlike the current levy of circulated tax, the individual tax is directly oriented to natural taxpayers. Therefore, there will be a big change in the mode of collection and management, which will bring the whole country. Changes in management methods will bring about the harmonization of social governance methods."
"Currently, there are three main aspects that need to be broken in the technical design of the tax reform." Jiang Zhen said, first, how to collect the information based on natural persons, not only in the region, but also in the single type of income, all types of natural persons. From the national and even global income, according to the collection of natural people, this is a technical problem.
How to deal with the relationship between the existing “classification income” and the “comprehensive income” that will be promoted in the future is also a problem to be solved. Jiang Zhen suggested, "For example, can you use the existing classification report as a prepayment, and use the future comprehensive declaration as the deduction and settlement, and establish a logical relationship between the two links."
In addition, to resolve the contradiction between the existing tax territorial management and the liquidity of personal income, the income from the whole country, the territorial organs can not grasp the information outside the region. "The management system of the collection and management needs to be considered. For example, whether it is necessary to flatten management and risk management, establish a risk management process for different levels of tax authorities, and all levels of institutions should establish links according to the advantages of the organs at the same level," he said.
"The supporting information also involves how to combine the taxation of taxation with the social credit system. If natural persons do not pay taxes in accordance with the tax law, it will affect personal credit, and the cost of social transactions will increase, which will help the natural person to actively abide by the tax law. Jiang Zhen said.
“Implementing a comprehensive tax collection and management system that combines comprehensive and classified needs to build a new tax collection and management system.” In Zhang Lianqi’s view, it is necessary to speed up the revision of the tax collection and management law, establish a personal income and property information system, and promote social integration of cash transaction management. The gradual improvement of conditions provides strong support for personal income tax reform.
In addition, we must accelerate the pace of modernization and informationization of individual income tax collection and management. He pointed out that it is necessary to carry out key monitoring for key industries and key populations. Establish tax payment files and tax accounts for taxpayers such as cross-border investment, commerce and trade, key tax sources and key management. Use big data and cloud computing, upgrade "Internet + tax", and integrate the whole process of tax administration, tax collection, tax inspection, etc. into the information system, realize tax-bank-enterprise network interconnection, and establish a national unified database. The system will comprehensively improve the quality of collection and management and the efficiency of collection and management.

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