How to increase crusher crushing efficiency

The traditional crusher technology and crushing system are difficult to meet the different requirements of material crushing. With the continuous expansion of the machinery market and the improvement of research and development technology, many crusher equipment independent crushing systems have been very mature, but the overall production capacity of the crusher production line Can't get promoted yet?
1. Is the material for crushing sand strictly controlled? Many crusher feeds from stone mills exceed the factory size requirements.
2. Is on-site management of field technicians in place? Every stone factory must have one or more professional technical administrators.
3. Is the regular maintenance of crusher equipment in place? Continuous operation of crusher equipment should be diligently added and maintained to avoid excessive loss of equipment.
Whether or not the crusher equipment can perform super-performance can be judged based on the above points. How advanced the technology of the crusher equipment is, how low the output caused by improper human operation is, and the rapid wear of the equipment is the direct cause of the failure to achieve high production.

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