How to design the wedding shop lighting? Bridal shop lighting design principles

When designing a bridal shop, the lighting is naturally a part that cannot be ignored. Good indoor lighting design will attract more customers' attention. How to design the bridal shop lighting ? The following decoration home decoration network Xiaobian will bring you the principles of bridal shop lighting design, I hope to be helpful to everyone.

How to design the wedding shop lighting?


Obviously, the beauty of the wedding dress is not to be said, but the premise is that the wedding dress is placed in the right place and the display effect is good. A beautiful wedding dress in a dark room would not help, the effect is of course not good, so the role of lighting in the bridal shop, wedding dress pavilion is actually beyond our imagination. The effect of a wedding dress that is exactly the same in a light and good lighting environment can be astounding.

Generally, the bridal shop will choose to hit the wedding dress on the ground through the ground lamp. In fact, the top of the wedding dress also needs the illumination of the light, especially the wedding dress in the window position needs a perfect lighting effect, so as to attract consumers to the store, this is The bridal shop promoted the first step of sales. People who generally understand consumer psychology know that lighting plays a very important role in store sales, not only because lighting will make the product more perfect, but also because the reasonable lighting layout will give customers a comfortable psychological feeling, such as some The choice of red in the store will stimulate consumers' desire to buy, and some stores will increase consumer interest through white glare.


Of course, the choice of shop lighting is still based on the actual situation of the store, even if it is the same as the wedding shop, you should choose the right lighting according to the wedding style of the sale. First of all, the color of the lights should be coordinated, especially those single-piece wedding dresses displayed with fake models must use the spotlights for the summer, the summer is suitable for the blue lights, which will make people feel cold and psychedelic; Light, such as yellow light. The combination of warm and cold lighting is very important for the bridal shop. Although many bridal shops are currently using cold light, which is usually the usual white light to illuminate the shop's wedding dress, this can make the shop very bright, but people feel uncomfortable, not soft, obviously can not stimulate and motivate the brides.

The above is how the design of the bridal shop brought by Xiaobian is designed for you? The whole content of the wedding shop lighting design principles, I believe that everyone after reading this article has a basic understanding of the wedding shop lighting, if you want to know more decorative advice, please click to enter the decorative knowledge channel.

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