The latest Hainan huanghuali price trend in 2017, why Hainan huanghuali will skyrocket?

Since 2000, the market price of Hainan huanghuali has been rising, even this year, so what is the reason why its price has not been able to fall back? Then , what is the latest price trend of Hainan huanghuali in 2 017 , Xiao Bian will give a brief introduction from the following aspects. Let’s take a look

First, the scarcity of raw materials

The growth cycle of Hainan huanghuali is very slow. Its growth time is about one hundred years. It can't be lost, so its raw materials are very rare. Due to the excessive cutting of people in the past, despite the government's control, the natural environment The change is uncontrollable, which is one of the reasons for its price increase. At present, Hainan huanghuali old materials, the price is above 10,000 / 1 kg or more, just like the Hainan huanghuali bracelet sold in the market, the price is also more than 1,000 yuan.

Second, the increase in market demand

More and more people see that the return on investment is particularly impressive, so more people want to get it, and the increase in market demand has also pushed up its price. We expect the increase to be around 10%-40% next year.

Third, the difference between new and old materials

The new material Hainan huanghuali has a relatively high water content. It has not been polished for a long time. The color and texture are far less than the old ones. Some people think that since they want to invest, they must definitely invest in the old materials with high returns. There is a very obvious price difference between the materials, and the price increase of the old material is also based on this reason. The high quality price increase is about 20%.

Fourth, the cost of the business increases

The increase in fare for rents, etc., the scarcity of raw materials has caused the high cost of buying and selling vehicles.

Six, the same material and the corner material spread

The same thing is that the whole work comes from a tree. The scraps are the same as the rest of the material. The price naturally varies greatly, and the price difference of several times or tens of times is normal.

Seven, the general goods and boutique spreads

The difference between the boutique and the general product is obvious to all. The understanding of the lines is different for everyone. It seems to make you comfortable, so that you like it is the most important thing. A good bracelet must be a tree, and the hole is on the heart of the tree. When you buy a string, you can look at the side hole. The hole in the tree indicates that the material is very particular. The annual rings are made of tree heads or large materials. Generally, such beads are called cis-beads.

The above points are the main reason for the rise of Hainan huanghuali. This situation will be more obvious this year. The possibility of price fall is not very big. If you want to make a big contribution to Hainan huanghuali investment and collection market this year, you need to correctly grasp Hainan huanghuali. The situation, not to be clouded, so that missed the opportunity.

Hainan pear above the latest price trends in 2017 The relevant content will be introduced to this first. If you want to know more information, please pay attention to GO Jiaju.

Source: GO Jiaju

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