Spring decoration is not good spring decoration notice what

Seeing that spring has arrived, but faced with the weather that rains every day, many heads of households are hurting their brains, especially for some homeowners who are about to renovate. It was obviously a sunny day yesterday and suddenly there was a heavy rain and the weather was abnormal. Changeable, then the spring decoration in the end is good or not? What are the precautions in the spring decoration? Let's take a look with Xiao Bian below and hope to help your house decoration.

Spring decoration is not good

1, due to the temperature and humidity are very moderate in this season, so some products are not easy to appear after the completion of the phenomenon of deformation or cracking, in addition mortar paste mortar, cement is also suitable due to temperature and humidity, making the paste becomes more solid .

2. Most of the people engaged in the house decoration industry are foreigners, especially some big city districts. If they dress up years ago, everyone wants to go home for the Chinese New Year and work hard, and then they will work hard in the new year after the year. Full.

3. Because the weather is warm during this time period, it is possible to open the window for ventilation during construction. This will make all kinds of coatings volatilize and dry quickly. The flatness is also relatively better. It is rainy and deformable in summer, and it is easy to crack in the fall. , The winter needs to increase the renovation costs.

4, because the season is the hot season of housing dress, so many companies will carry out a large number of promotional actions, relatively speaking, will be more favorable, so if the decoration in this season, you can save a lot of costs.

Spring decoration note: wood attention moisturizer

During this period, the impact of dress on wood products is mostly manifested in two large blocks of temperature and wetness. Excessive air temperature will cause curling or cracking of the material. After the wood is transported into the site, attention should also be paid to avoid placing it in a ventilated place. Air drying will cause internal water loss and cracks.

Precautions for spring decoration: Keep warm during construction

As we all know, this season's temperature is sometimes high and sometimes low, so be sure to keep warm during the operation, otherwise it is easy to make some of the work surface hollow problem, the other is whether it is mortar mixing or paint spraying, it is best not to Open-air construction.

Summary: On the spring decoration good knowledge to explain this side, I believe partners for the spring decoration is good and attention has been a further understanding, of course, if you have better suggestions and ideas, please feel free to consult the small Editing.

Spring decoration knowledge

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